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:: My First Mukhsin :: April 20, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Love and Relationship.

According to Little Healer’s Dictionary of Werds;

MuKHsin – Crush (male) at primary school only.

I met my First Mukhsin when I was in a primary school at Jalan Bangsar, KL. It was many years back, so there wasn’t many details I could remember. All I know is that we were really close friends. First Mukhsin wasn’t actually Mukhsin. He was more like a Jason, if you know what I mean.

We were friends from Standard 1 till Standard 3 because the whole family had to move to Kuching afterwards. Dad’s work transfer.

When he knew I was moving, he told me to bring a picture of myself the next day. He said he’d like to give me a picture of himself too. He said he wants me to remember me. Ohh.. sampai skrang saya ingat awak, awak tuh ingat saya lagi ker? No one else did the same. Only him. Only First Mukhsin. We swapped pictures. Mine was taken during a storytelling competition. I was in my costume telling the story of a trapped bird in a cage. I had makeup in the picture and so I thought that would be a pretty picture to give. His, was a picture of him holding a football in his hand. Smiling for the camera. I turned his picture around and what I saw touched me.

I can’t remember the words anymore. Tak sempat nak simpan lama gambar tuh sebab mak ambik dan simpan. Maka tak hafal. maklumlah memori ikan emas. I only knew the words brought a smile to my face. He also drew hearts all round the picture, which was underneath his scribbles. Looked liked he wanted to cancel it.  HAHA~ sweet.

I never met my First Mukhsin again after that. *Sigh

But I did meet my 2nd and 3rd Mukhsin. That is of course another story.



1. daju - April 20, 2007

ala…comellnyeeee…if ade pic tuh kn bgos..haha..
never ade first mukhsin..eyh cite tuh ending sedih..though dia nk highlite kan ade ssecond chance..tp for me still sedeyh..

2. little healer - April 20, 2007

yessssss betullllllllllllllll… it is sedey………

3. baez - April 20, 2007

aiyoh that’s so schweet, cite ni touching i nannes one litre of tears tapi ada keep in touch lagike ngan 1st mukhsin dikau
my 1st mukhsinah?
biarlah rahsia mode

4. Puteri Nad :-) - April 20, 2007

my first mukhsin adalah tak menjadi mukhsin

5. LaDy FaNtAgHiRo~ - April 27, 2007

owh dear… wat a sweet memory of mukhsin.. i cant even remmber my first mukhsin… or maybe i wasnt sure which one was my first mukhsin… heheh e 😀

6. little healer - April 28, 2007

mamo rahasia2.. sila kalbat..

wahhhhhh.. kalo tk jadi mukhsin.. jadi Jason kah? ataupun the husband oredi? 😛

kak syifa,
hohhoho… maklumlah org cantek.. miahaha 😛

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