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:: The Advocate :: April 29, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.


Dialled 1886600603********

Ring Ring

+ Hello  [my bro, Danial]
– Hello.. Assalamulaikum.. what is my adik doing? [me]
+Watching Cicakman
– On TV? got series eh? ker movie?
+ Movie.. AstroRia
– Ooo.. is Matin watching it too?
+ Yea.. but upstairs.
– Where’s Dad?
+ Cybercafe
– Mum?
+ Sauna
– Huh? Sauna? Where?
+ Dry sauna … she’s upstairs. I’ll go ask if she wants to answer your call now or afterwards.

In my head I was trying to picture how this ‘personal sauna’ looks like upstairs. I’ve only seen the ones where people go to in health clubs in a wooden room and just sweat. I knew she won a ‘therapeutic mattress’ once in a lucky draw. My mother is a very lucky woman, I tell you. She’s bound to win something in a lucky draw eventhough the price is small. Like that day, when she won a guitar in this USJ Family Day. [wohoo.. boleyler saya prektis lepas nih]

My mother is one of those people who is into healthy living BUT against doctor’s advice. She is a difficult patient who

  • doesn’t like seeing the doc for a consultation
  • never finishes her medication and refuses to listen to her doctor. She usually puts off say a chest X Ray next week.. and then next month and then just don’t go at all.
  • is too mesra. If you ever want to practice your communication skills in getting a history out of a chatterbox patient, my mother makes a fine simulated patient.

She may not be into pharmaceutical soutions (things that sounds very medicine-like) for her ailments but she is all out for all those traditional remedies, alternative health supplements and treatments. Over the years, I have known her to be an advocate/promoter/supporter for

  • Tongkat Ali/Kacip Fatimah [probably get em once I’m married]
  • Mushroom -based health tablets [tried once]
  • Spirulina [nice green tablets they are.. still got 3 bottles to finish]
  • Honey + Raw eggs [pernah kena paksa minum.. euww sgt]
  • Herbal sanitary pads [even offered to ship me a packet]
  • Jamu [this I can follow]
  • Gingko Biloba + bird’s nest [haven’t tried bird nest]
  • Herbal drinks in those white cloth satchets [bleurgh.. ]
  • Sauna to lose weight [maybe once I get home]
  • Goat milk tablets [didn’t manage to finish them]

I honestly have nothing against all this since they are proven to be helpful sometimes. I just wish that she would consider a serious medical opinion once in a while.

My mum was at the phone.

+ hello.. assalamualaikum.. hehehe [mum]
–  hahaha.. waalaikum salam.. so, u bersauna?? [my mother is a very happy woman and has this infectious laugh ]
+ alah.. sauna in the box only.. to lose some weight. If my friends come to the house, I’d have them come up to talk while I’m in there… hehehehehe [she laughs again]

and so the family conversation continued…



1. baez - April 29, 2007

1st berturutan nanti komenan nak titon

2. Puteri Nad :-) - April 29, 2007

hahahahah..mak kakmin ada sauna!!!

3. LaDy FaNtAgHiRo~ - April 29, 2007

waaaahhh dasat tu ada sauna~~
but i agree wif ur mum about doctors ni… me oso never even finish my medicine.. plus refuse to go klinik if sakit… so mamo sakit2 so that i dun have to see doctors… except my friends yg doctor.. itu pun bukan jmpa kat klinik boleh..ngeeeeeee 😉

4. jet - April 29, 2007

heh..mak aku pun ade sauna..sume org bantai msok..kecuali aku..sebab by the time aku smpi ruma, dah xde demam sauna..sumerg mls nk layan die..hamek..seasonal fever je bende ni..x lme g lupe la tuh..tatau la mak ko kan..hahaha….

5. Puteri Nad :-) - April 29, 2007

awat mak aku tanak bersauna jet ?

6. little healer - April 29, 2007

titon lagi kah?

mmg kelakar ok bersauna segala..

kak syifa,
begitulah ibu2 kita kan..

waaaaa..seronok ler cam tuh.. boleh lose weight kalo dry suana nih..haha.. tuhlah.. aku pun nk tgk sejauh mana minat mak aku bertahan bab2 sauna nih

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