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:: Granny Tsunade anta email :: April 30, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Medical School.


From : Godaime Hokage
To    : MinCi Yazumin

Oit… come back to the Hokage’s Palace! You naughty mischievous lil creature. lari plak. suka hati jer gi balik rumah. I expect you to be here by Wednesday. And I would like a full report as to how you are progressing with your special medical ninjitsu.

– Godaime Hokage –
—————————————-   ————————

Reply to : ‘Granny Tsunade’
From : MinCi Yazumin

teeheee.. gommene!
Ok OK FIne… I go back.. miahahahaha~~
I’m in the middle of perfecting my medical ninjitsu. Since I don’t have a strong control of my chakra (dasar lembik lah katakan) to actively heal people, I thought I should master the art of making potions for pain relief or for providing energy reserves. I will learn the drugs herbs well , devise the optimum portions to mix em around and hence figure out the most effective way to administer the medication.

See u later Granny!!

– Cheeky MinCi –

* So I am off again to Manchester for this week. Hope Nad The Lady EvilMind  will get better soon. Happy studying to Baez Toushiro, Nadbinti Retsu, Khalikok Endangkun, Divamoun Shunsui.. also to those without ninja name Daju,Tulip, Bakkusan, Za, Miyaki, Idazy, Zyneelia  and others. See you during the weekend. If I rajin, I will Mo-Blog using my ninja calling2 device.  



1. Puteri Nad :-) - April 30, 2007

hehe…babai km

2. LaDy FaNtAgHiRo~ - May 1, 2007

have a nice attachment..
be good to the pesakit2~

3. little healer - May 1, 2007

babai… will miss all of ya

4. Kirana - May 4, 2007

minci, haritu masa u kata terikat dgn educational commitment tu hengat tak mo updet dah. cek2 balik dar tertinggal da MG nih…
what ure doin in manchaster?

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