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:: My Aloe Vera plant :: May 4, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

‘Plant kindness and gather love’

 It is those little nice things my friends do that makes my day.

I arrived home to know that my beloved,angelic, kind-hearted, awesome housemates have bought me an Aloe Vera plant for my room. I have longed for this plantae ever since I knew it had the ability to ‘detox’ rooms as mentioned on this UK TV programme.

Wikipedia said that it is relatively EASY to care for.. so thank goodness for that! Still, please don’t die. Try not to die.. huhu . A lot of plants have died in my care already except for my cactus.. miahahaha~ 

Thank you again hosm8s .. muah muah muah muah muah… lurve u’all…



1. daju - May 5, 2007

ala…sweetnyee house mates…

2. Puteri Nad :-) - May 5, 2007

loh ye ke ni..
ada detox fx..
nad pon nak wat
unfortunately tatau mana nursery kat sini..

suwit sangat korang,
jet com ere..jadi suwit kat kami

3. little healer - May 5, 2007

hehehe.. arent they suwit muwit..
yes.. it has detox f(x)

4. jet - May 5, 2007

amekla aku jd anak angkat..akan kumaniskn keidopn ko..haha..oi..samseng juak..

anak die ade dua ketul tuh yasmin..sok anak die da besa, bli 2 pasu..satu kasik fizatul..satu kasik aku..tp,kne jge la jgn kasik mati naaa..

5. Kirana - May 5, 2007

detox… kena cuba tu…

6. little healer - May 5, 2007

hohoyea.. maka rajin2 lah ko gertak aku tanya pasal kewujudan Vera.. miahaha

detox bilik tau cikgu… hehe

7. Amoun - May 6, 2007


I dont do plants 😀 Enough said 😉

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