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:: Minci Miskin :: May 11, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Medical School.

Jehan Miskin yang euwww…

Pressure is mounting up and everyone is feeling it. Well dears, we are studying medicine in a country where research/audit/systematic reviews are integral to the field. Hence, we are expected to learn the same thing. I just wish I knew that before I chose medicine. Yalah.. when you’re a kid with no real doctor as a role model, you’d think being a doctor is just a matter of putting a stethoscope in your ear and listen to the chest. Or wearing those fancy scrubs. Yerp, it’s not really the white coat. It’s those scrubs. Huhu~ 

Okay..let’s complain about the hospital library. My hospital library. It  may be friendly to MEDICAL students (an abundance of cool journals and publications) but not to medical STUDENTS.This is what happens when you are separated from your peers who are still doing their attachments in a university area. Ayo.. I may look like a shorter version of Kate Moss but I’m not rich lew.  We have to put with printing and photocopy that costs 10p a piece! 10p is not saploh sen you know. Coloured printing is more costly. And the undergraduate department couldn’t do anything about it. Unlike the dept in Manchester  where if you have your own paper, you could PRINT FOR FREE!  Sulk… merajuk. And soon we will have this project that’ll require 3 copies of the report which is as thick as half the BNF each.

Now I have to cook that snail in the garden for dinner. 😛 Bon appetite!



1. LaDy FaNtAgHiRo~ - May 11, 2007

owh dear…
hard-hard first, easy-easy later…

2. Puteri Nad :-) - May 11, 2007

kate moss kah?
sahara kot..hihi
cian kakmin..nad kene bayar duit lestrik yg beratus..nanessss…

and do not ewww ewww jihan miskin please!

3. little healer - May 11, 2007

kak syifa,
okeh.. let’s hope this ‘hard-hard’ phase not too long.. can gila one..

nguwaaaaaa… Sahara the transgender kah? tapi dia comel kan? seiras sgt.. rasa mcm nk ltk gambar dia kat profile nih.. wakakakaka~~~

4. D - May 11, 2007

snail for dinner? why not try slugs instead??!! LOL

5. little healer - May 11, 2007

or frogs.. yummy 😛

6. jet - May 11, 2007

gimme 5..jehan miskin adela euwww..dengan tambahan eeek kat blakang..sunggo la tak bom chicka wah wah..

7. little healer - May 12, 2007

ahahaha… giller ah pengaruh deodorant LYNX

8. Syafrizal - May 12, 2007

Jihan Miskin is really euwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww heheheh, he’s so poyos.

9. mohammad fitri bin abdullah - October 25, 2007


10. mohammad fitri bin abdullah - October 25, 2007


11. Puteri Nad =( - October 25, 2007

u misti seswatuh kan..nak minat kat jehan i LOL

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