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:: Mojo Jojo :: May 12, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

It’s been a while since I get all fanatical over a particular song and it does come to my own surprise that I would actually hear a song from Jojo. Jojo? Jojo? heh~~ Maybe it’s that part at 03:24 or 01:01 depending on the timing on the player. OoOoOoOoOo

Registration for Year 5 (my final year of medicine!) is next week and Year 4 is not even finished yet. Rasa sangat cuak thinking that I am graduating soon. I will be diagnosing people for real, making decisions, told off for being an idiot. Huhu..scary. Year 5 will be the year when students are busy applying for their Foundation Programme. It is not relevant to me since I choose to go back to Malaysia once I’m finished. But I do wonder if I have to start applying for anything too before starting my service in Malaysia? Got meh? So far, all of the seniors I’ve met did at least the Foundation Programme , once they’ve graduated. Therefore, they wouldn’t know.

Minci Minci… finish 4th year first ah.. 😛

Good Luck to all for your exams! Aja aja fighting!



1. Syafrizal - May 12, 2007

Good luck for your final year. I understand this is the most anticipating year for you. All those projects and presentations, arghhhhhhhhh makes my head spin when I think back at that time. Anyway, good luck 🙂

2. jet - May 13, 2007

tnyela abg baez,kne apply ape2 kah sblom blk msia utk keje..

3. little healer - May 13, 2007

thank you

motif ko berabg dgn Baez??

4. jet - May 13, 2007

sukatila..jeles kamu ni..mcm natrah..hahahaa..

5. Puteri Nad :-) - May 13, 2007

apsal kakmin nak jeles?

6. little healer - May 13, 2007

apa kes menghambur citer aku jeles meles nih? huahuahuahua~~ bikin klakar sajorrr

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