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:: See as I :: May 15, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Uncategorized.

My favourite people

I am dying to know who the Miniature Killerin CSI Season 7 is. Everyone else is obtoo since there’s a special site dedicated to this really riveting culprit. Google ‘MCSK mystery’ and you could even help Grissom solve this case. Furthermore, there was a competition to guess the identity of MK. The prize? To play the role of a dead corpse in the next season.

Anyway, I so do not want to miss the episode when MK would be revealed(Also because it’s the finale). I missed one last time when I didn’t get to see how this serial killer who makes plastic hands for Halloween get caught. Untill now I do not know what his motives were in killing his victims. And I couldn’t capture the satisfaction of witnessing the moment of him being arrested. He practically made their death looked like a suicide by forcing them to leave a ‘Goodbye’ message on a tape recorder.

In one episode, Grissom played the tape back to the vic’s mother who to my surprise said that the voice was not her son’s. I remembered being amazed when she brought out this digital picture frame that could play the voice of his son. How cool is that! I wouldn’t mind getting one of those digital frame too one day and give it to my parents.


May 17 is the date for the CSI finale in the US. I guess UK viewers would have to wait a bit longer.



1. Puteri Nad :-) - May 15, 2007

hebatnye tekno..
sayang sangat sini x de yg mengikut csi..cett

2. nautilusiv - May 16, 2007

i have bought all the csi previous series but not this latest season 7. Maklumlah, sejak ada dua ekor anjing hebat di malaysia ni, susah sikit nak dapat dvd cap ayam belanda ni. So kena le fly ke bangla nak beli. Nak download pakai bitcomet mesti lambat. Hmm.. takpelah minci, nanti aku tengok dan teka

3. little healer - May 16, 2007

lorrr.. byk2 ‘siaran TV’ kat simferopol.. satu pun tkder CSI rupanya.. hahaha,

incik nautilusiv,
hohoho.. tgk jgn tk tgk.. menarik woo..

4. Puteri Nad :-) - May 16, 2007

benar ok..
ada sampai season 3 jerk..
lepas tu da takde dah..
malas sangat nak download sendre
lambang nad sedang mendownload nodame cantabille~

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