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:: Google, A Student’s Best Friend :: May 16, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

Google, a tool every medical student should have. The Web Search is commendable but there’s more in store.

  1. Google Scholar – I find this useful to find credible article from established journals. Of course, the best thing is to get on Medline or some other medical database but I think this feature is not bad at all. You’d still need to log in with a proper username or password to access the full text[pdf] of the article though.

  2. Google Books – If you’re lucky, you might find that snippet piece of knowledge you need from publishers/authors  that offer ‘previews’ to their books. You could put this on top of your list of ‘free reading material’. A fine addition to what you’ve already got from FleshAndBones.

  3. Google Image – Type the right keywords and there is always a picture that will be suitable for your presentation.

  4. Google Video – Need to see a water birth? A laparoscopy? Or you just want to take a break from studying and watch that ‘Beautiful Liar’ clip. Then, perhaps you’ll discover that YouTube is not the only video related site in WWW.

  5. Google  News – Medical students need to practice keeping abreast with the current development in this field. Here is where you find something much lighter to read than the journals. It’s current and you can read about say people’s rpsonses to a new drug world wide.

  6. Google Product – Some idiot stole your pretty stethoscope and nicked your precious tourniquet? Don’t fret. Well, you may curse for a few minutes then you just have to buy a replacement. With Google Products, who needs Kelkoo? Similar to Ebay/Argos, you can sort out the items either by relevance or price etc. A Google Checkout can be handy.

  7. Google Definition – ‘Huh? Where is that feature?’ you may ask. Well my dear, go to Websearch, type for example hysterectomy. Now look up to your right hand corner and you will see something like this.


These are the features that I have managed to try for now. Have you tried anything else? Any amazing tips on optimising the use of Google? Do let me know. Thank you!


Be a Googler today!

:: I have submitted this entry as an article in Helium.



1. Puteri Nad :-) - May 16, 2007

hahaha..ada dapat duit ke ok
prmo si google ni..
i m a yahoo person hihi

2. daju - May 16, 2007

google the best la..
dulu slalu gne yahoo..tp google nye server is the largest..
ouh i usually bwt cm define: hysterectomy..

3. little healer - May 16, 2007

tkder dpt duit OK.. tapi kalo dpt best jugak.. minta satu juta pliss..

ohh..tk pernah terfikir nk Google camtuh.. nway dear, knp ur blog tk leh access ek?

4. ADam Dryx - May 19, 2007


Try Wikipedia.com as well…. 🙂

5. Minci SA - May 19, 2007

minci! i luv u !!!

6. little healer - May 19, 2007

thx for the recommendation

Minci SA,
‘I cannot give what you seek’😛

7. Minci SA - May 20, 2007

minci SA will remains SA forever.. adoring from far… Adore-Smashing Pumpkins

minci SA is now reading the synthesis of adrenocorticotropine hormone…

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