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:: Crash :: May 18, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Movie/TV Reviews.

 Venue: Living Room

DVD Buddies: Jetjetsemot, Za

We watched the DVD using our friend’s TV who left it at our house for a while since she’s busy moving her stuff about. We didn’t know how to do the colour setting on the TV thereby ended up watching this movie with green people in it. Even the afro-caribbean actors had a bit of a bile-tinted skin colour.

CRASH made us sit to the edge of our seats. CRASH got us into a series of fits and screams while anticipating what will happen next. CRASH was simply ‘Whoa, a slightly heavy watch!’ 

CRASH will get it’s place on my DVD shelf between Babel and Hotel of Rwanda. In the meantime, I believe jetjetsemot would like to try her luck writing a miniscript on ‘Crust’. Or is it ‘Keras’? What’s it about… I have no idea.



1. Puteri Nad :-) - May 18, 2007

tatengok gik citer ni
tp da tengok babel dah..
hue hue ada part kanak2 10 tahun x senonoh kan kan..
okie lepas ni nk menengok crash plak

jet,kamu wat citer aper? jadikan saya heroin cantek..

2. little healer - May 18, 2007

haha.. a ah.. sgtlah tk senonoh tgk kakak sendre bukak baju + beraktiviti sorang2 di sebalik batu, apapun babel menyedeykan dan suspen..especially part anak2 brad pitt ilang kat desert..
hoho.. nk jadi heroin dia..

3. ADam Dryx - May 19, 2007

Filem nie menang filem terbaik Academu Awards mengalahkan Brokeback Mountain….

ADam ada juga buat riview pasal filem ni… Klik here.

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