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:: Closing the loop :: May 20, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

The audit loop



Critically appraising a medical journal is not one of my strong skills. Most of the time I just get lost in trying to interpret the results and opted to head straight to the discussion and conclusion part of the paper. I am easily disheartened by numbers.


Unfortunately, the current module/project we’re doing now requires a certain amount of aptness  in us to appraise a medical literature. Critical but not pedantic. Medical statistics is the core component of this module. Understanding this, on top of carrying out a mini research, audit or systematic review of a student’s choice.


I chose to do an audit in the ‘Bius’ department and in the audit loop, I’m at the ‘Reaudit’ phase. ‘Closing the loop’ you call it. This means someone has done a similar audit before and implemented some changes. Now it is my job to see if the problem has been solved through the changes made.


My audit proforma (questionnaire)  still needs a bit of editting and I haven’t actually registered my audit to the hospital’s clinical governance department. Plus, a lot of background reading on my topic. I was warned earlier by my supervisor to find the ‘correct’ type of evidence. Something English and worldwide, not some sort of study done on 20 people in say, Namibia. In other words, I now have to learn which is the most credible/suitable literature to base my facts on. A randomized control trial or a case study? A case control? What is Meta-analysis? Cohort? Retrospective/Prospective? Hmph..





1. Puteri Nad :-) - May 20, 2007

owh mesti komenan nad masuk dalam spam..
ke kakmin delete ha?

2. Puteri Nad :-) - May 20, 2007


3. Puteri Nad :-) - May 20, 2007

nampaknye tak masuk kotak dah..
nak cakap bahawasanya entri ni sangat tinggi makamnye
maka nad x dapat memahami..
hue hue

4. Adam - May 20, 2007

I guess we can apply it to other professions too.

First time here. You have a nice blog. Adding you to my blogroll too.

5. little healer - May 20, 2007

oh.. ini adalah rintihan utk projek 11 minggu ini…

precisely. thanks for the add..

6. Cara Fletcher - May 21, 2007

The idea of testing is great.I was wondering is there any testing for hysterectomy and something else if someone knows how long is the recovery after a surgery.

7. Syafrizal - May 21, 2007

Very organise and I don’t know a thing about it.

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