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:: Feedback Session :: May 22, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

-Evil is obvious only in retrospect-


Watched the Finale of Heroes. I am sad for having to say goodbye to my hero, Nathan Petrelli.

I had an appointment today to see the clinical skills director to discuss about the stations I failed in my OSCEs this year. I failed one in this module and one in the previous one. I’m glad I went to see the director, for I get to know what went wrong and what I could have done better to achieve the mark. I believe that these feedback sessions are important and helpful because it all aims to one thing – for all medical students to graduate and become ‘safe doctors’.

So, I need to improve on my CSF – Data Interpretation. There are several skill components I need to cover to ace in this skill such as;

  • Working towards a diagnosis

  • Undertsand fully the lab reports for diagnosis – I had poor knowledge of normal values.

  • Excluding other diagnosis – KNow names of other responsible organisms.

  • Strategies to manage, including community infection control – what antibiotics to use

*having a structured approach of diagnostic reasoning*

The 2nd skill I need to improve was reading the partogram. I was informed that most people failed this station and this tells me that majority of us haven’t been learning it the right way. Partograms may not be used widely in clinical practice for god knows what reason, but it is an essential skill to master.

The examiner commented that I ‘seemed unfamiliar with the partogram’. Indeed, I was. In this station, I would have got better marks if I could comment adequately and confidently on;

  • uterine contractions

  • cervical dilatation

  • decent of fetal head

  • the poor progress

  • further management



1. iris - May 22, 2007

ouh, aku termasuk ke blog doc rupenye..hi doc…nice to see u…

2. Puteri Nad :-) - May 22, 2007

my hero is ando

3. Que - May 22, 2007

tapi tahniah yasmin sbb ko pass overall
tapi aku tetap rasa korang nye osce susah
osce kitorang cam ntah pape… risau kot die kumpul kan yg susah2 sume next yr…..

yg Mendua

4. Amoun - May 22, 2007


Aku tak baca entry ni sbb perenggan pertama ko dah sebut WATCHED SEASON FINALE HEROES aw kama qaal…
Tanda aku tanak ko spoil mood aku sbb aku baru je start download!!

5. little healer - May 22, 2007

i’m not yet a doc.. nway, nice to c u too

Ando mmg sweet

trima kasih ok.. skrang nervous tunggu result progress test jer

oh.. bukan ker ko slalu baca skipping2.. motif tk nampak ada ‘osce’, ‘csf’ dan ‘partogram’ di dlm entry… 😛 berguna ok utk osce OBG ko nanti

6. jet - May 23, 2007

o..ei..stil leh tau yg osce m+m nye gak ke stil?apeka ayat aku compang camping..

7. wira - May 23, 2007

sapa ya kamu ini?

8. little healer - May 23, 2007

boley2…mula2 akan dibebel dulu oleh mereka sbb tk dtg awal2.. tapi lepas tuh diorg akan bagi jugak sambil mengerling manja… 😛

saya adalah seorang pelajar..

9. Syafrizal - May 23, 2007

Well good luck and hopefully you are one of Malaysia’s Grey’s Anatomy well not quite. hehehe

10. Kirana - May 24, 2007

I don’t think he’s dead or explode Minci. Or at least I hope he’s not.
I like Peter tho… banyak power dan sgt hensem

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