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:: 6 months :: May 23, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Ponderings.

“You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war” – Napoleon Bonaparte


It took me only 6 months to understand

  • how a woman can love a man who is not rightfully hers

  • that road a person goes through before they choose to get involved in drugs and be a functional junkie

most importantly

  • how anybody has the potential to take the life of another for their own peace of mind. I mean, if you could plan a ‘car crash’ without exposing yourself as the puppeteer – who wouldn’t be tempted? Unfortunately this will result in you dining in hell for real!



1. Puteri Nad :-) - May 24, 2007

the road not taken shud never be trespassed upon..or something like that..bukanla sajak robert frost

2. wira - May 24, 2007

kamu di mana?

3. Syafrizal - May 24, 2007

Well don’t be a terhegeh2 kind of person, just like I did.

4. myperodua - May 24, 2007

nice work!!

5. xazuru - May 24, 2007

hai minci.. still in UK?? or dah balik ke mesia??

6. little healer - May 24, 2007

*tunduk kepala lambang ‘ngee hee hee’ 😛

saya di muka bumi

haha.. that’ll be the last thing on my mind.. oppss..maybe it shouldn’t be on my mind at all..

tenkiu menkiu

no dear.. still in the UK..

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