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:: A Chermin story :: May 26, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

How would you feel knowing that the person you live with is possessed by spirits and is right next to you.. in the dark… looking at you?

At the time, I think I was in early secondary school and it was customary for the family to fly back to Kuching every 2 years to visit our close relatives. It wasn’t long after we set foot at Kuching Airport did we hear of an unfortunate event that happened to one of my cousins. To my horror, she was my favourite cousin.

Story has it that she was playing Spirits of the Coin with her friends when the spiritS decided that they do not want to leave during her turn. These spirits stayed with my cousin eversince and ‘communicated’ with her quite often. This was not picked up early of course. It was only noticed that something was wrong with her because she had began to behave differently.

Her room was seldom bright. Sunshine rarely shone in. Her choice of clothings were always black. She always seemed distant and that was the clue that gave the problem away. She was never the quiet type. Things came to light when their ‘communication’ was noticed by her mother. My cousin would sit still while staring blankly ahead, almost looked liked she was listening and then using her index finger started scribbling words on any surface. I have no idea for how long it went on but it was suggested by many at the time for her to seek help. She was ‘referred’ to the witch doctor. (I am not surprised)

Our family visit was just after her ‘treatment’. Similar to cancer, she had to undergo several other sessions for the spirits to finally go away. To the unknown, she looked like any normal teenager with a liking for gothic appearance. Despite the problem, we still stayed with her family because that is what we’ve always done for many years.

One night, we had a dinner invitation from one of my dad’s friends. It was quite late at night. My younger brother couldn’t stay up that long and so it was decided that we kids stay at the house with my aunt and uncle and our cousins while they went for dinner. I had no problem with that because I was too tired to go anyway. In my room, there were me, my younger brother who was very little at the time and my then creepy cousin. My younger sister was sleeping in the living room together with our other cousins, which was just a few steps away. 

*It was a norm that whenever we came back to Kuching, the other cousins from neighbouring houses would come by for a sleepover too. My relatives are very much clumped together in the same housing area*

It was a hot night and we slept with the doors open. Something that I’m grateful for because I hate the dark. Especially when you know your cousin can speak to spirits. I kept waking up from my sleep, checking that my brother was ok and not sweating too much. Tossed and turned most if the time when at one point I felt my cousin woke up in a jolt.

For a few minutes she just sat there doing nothing and i was worried that she might speak in a different voice or something. She turned to face me and said,

“Could you please close the door?”

I whispered an OK but moved the door only by a few cm. She wasn’t happy and told me to close it more. At the same time I noticed that her finger was scribbling something. I was scared to bits. I am in a room with a potentially harmful person and I not only have myself to protect but also my brother. Immediately I was in a ‘fight and flight mode’.

I got up and carried my sleeping brother in my arms as quickly as I can. I kicked the door open and ran to the living room to where the others were. I was half-expecting that my cousin would come after me and push me to the ground but she didn’t.

Obviously the house was in a chaotic state afterwards. My aunt went to see her daughter and soon everyone was calm. My creepy cousin apologized the day afterwards saying that she had no idea what got into her. I said it’s alright and till today she is still my favourite cousin. And she’s not creepy anymore. She is normal apart from the occasional ‘I can see someone with long black hair behind you’ moments. Nah.. kidding! 😛




1. Que - May 27, 2007

ini cerita is actually quite scary,
tapi ade beza ke dgn sign of schozophrenia?

2. kasyah - May 27, 2007

“in a ‘fight and flight mode’”..ha ha. If your cousin really camne near you and said..”you stay with me tonite”…i wonder what will happen next 😛

3. Puteri Nad :-) - May 27, 2007

owh dear
i’d like to think medically like Que too,but i simply couldn’t. Hantu laaa

4. Minci - May 27, 2007

hmm.. somehow rasa mcm tk fit utk masuk ‘schizo’.. ntahlah..sbb dia improve with time after gi jumpa bomoh tuh n complately fina now without treatment. So, boleh jadi ‘spirits’ ataupun she’s lying to get attention..

I will definitely scream at the top of my lungs.. hahaha

hehe.. smlm sbnrnyer nk ltk gamba mata ju-on but then tetibarasa seram pula.. so, ltk gamba pintu sajorr…

5. aman - May 27, 2007

aku tak sempat lagi tgk citer nie..

6. Nur Amirah Shaharom - May 27, 2007

You did give me some kind of creep!
Saya dok sorg kat umah right now…
And some levels upstairs mmg ada crita mcm ni!
Waaaahhhh!!! Bila my mom nak balik ni..???!!

7. Syafrizal - May 27, 2007

I’m not a big fan of Chermin or any Malay movie. It’s not because I’m not supporting them but it is because I’m tired of it. I better watch Thailand movies or Korean or Japanese.

8. Puteri Nad :-) - May 27, 2007

well.when living outside Mesia u tend to wanna watch whatever movies that have mesia in it..hehehe..
banyak la lagik filem melayu..fooooh

9. Minci - May 27, 2007

uish.. tgkler.. tkder lah takut sgt pun.. bulu roma tk naik tegak sgt pun.. ala2 beralun skit jer

abihlahhhhhh.. mak dia tak balik lagi.. 😛

I think Malay movies are getting better these days especially with the emergence of new directors and budding script writers.. well, at least better than Yusof haslam.. haha

i agree.. 🙂

10. Nur Amirah Shaharom - May 27, 2007

For horror movies, I think I totally agree with syafrizal. But for other movies (but not from yusof haslam and prof madya ape ntah), I do think Malay movies are doing their best. We have not some, but lots better movies.

11. Zy - May 27, 2007

“I got up and carried my sleeping brother in my arms as quickly as I could. I kicked the door open and ran to the living room to where the others were.” whoaaa, how heroic was that! eh, did u sleep with her right after that creepy incident? or u joined the others “bercamping” in the living room? if me lar, tobat lah terang benderang rumah tu sepanjang malam..macam nak raya keesokkan hari! hohoho, mmg saya penakut gara-gara tgk crita seram yang noor kumalasari berlakon tu… since then, nvr ever want to watch asian scary movies. Sprits of Coin, don’t ever try it, man.. you wouldn’t like it, man… (nada bling bling)

12. Minci - May 27, 2007

i see.. which comes to why it is a good reason for these horror film producers should check out my ideas for this sort of genre 😛

sgt heroic ok.. nasib baik my adik was like kecil lagi at the time. you are right. I started to camp out with the others afterwards.. hahaha..oh.. i know that noor kumalasari story – MIsteri Rumah Tua tajuknya..
another story Main2 hantu eventhough was a comedy, had a pretty scary ending 😛

13. Puteri Nad :-) - May 27, 2007

i think personally they [the horror movies’ directors] did a good job.. i got spooked..and i gave them a round applause heheeh..
but i just cant wait for “muallaf” to come out..

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