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:: Rock Mode :: May 27, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Music Reviews.

Before Linkin Park came along, my world was all about Britney Spears, NSync, Kenny G, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Then one day my younger sister cheekily approached me and said,

Kak (sis), let’s share money and buy Linkin Park’s album”

“Who? What?”

“Linkin Park.. I want to buy their album Hybrid Theory. Please kak.. I know you’re rich.. hihihi”

First of all I am not rich at all but with my sister pleading me with her goo-goo eyes, I gave in. We bought the album on a 50/50 basis and it wasn’t long before our little terraced house was torn apart by the ugly vocals of me and my sis. Our favourites were ‘Papercut’, ‘In the end’ and ‘One step closer’. Yea.. all the ‘it’s like I’m paranoid lalalala’ and ‘shut up’ thing. We have succesfully passed down our ‘legacy’ to both our younger brothers with little effort.


My current favourite is the track called ‘Numb’. Probably because it sounded so cool in the Miami Vice movie.



1. Puteri Nad :-) - May 27, 2007

nampaknye linkin park sangat memainkan peranan dalam kehidupan remaja dahulu..

me and my adik adalah sceptic bekoz we were raised in an environment where anything close to rock or metal was considered blasphemous.lol. but being rebellious i bought one cassete n we pasang curi2 dalam my bilik [, and ermm i think my mom could sing to the tune of “in the end” hahaha..dia pon sama mendengar]

2. Minci - May 27, 2007

haha.. btol2.. wow..curi2 dengar tuh.. n ur mum sounds cool.. 😛

3. Nur Amirah Shaharom - May 27, 2007

hybrid theory was my first LP’s album. And also my last. hehe! That’s because I already have internet at home. Just click, and download. you got it for free plak tu.
I love Numb.. Love the vc. But i dont really know why. Intro die best kot =D

4. Minci - May 27, 2007

haha.. samalah kita..
yep, the intro’s rather catchy~~

5. kasyah - May 28, 2007

Yeah.. i luv Hybrid Theory album. Still remember when i go outing i bought the tape. Layan dengan member kat asrama kuat2…layan dalam bas ramai2 masa gi tengok bola… har har…rox!!

6. Minci - May 28, 2007

yea.. itulah kita di zaman muda remaja.. 😛

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