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:: Otanjobi Omedeto Baez Toushiro :: May 29, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Birthday Wishes.

Otanjobi Omedeto!! Happy Birthday!!  

 Borrow Picture 😛

Country: Ice Country, Hidden Rainbow Village
Age: 23 Height: 172  CM Weight: 65 KG
Birthday: May 30th
Bloodtype: O

The clan of his exists no more, all died in a huge battle with the uchiha clan 20 years back. Baez Toushiro is the single person left from the clan. How he did survive the huge battle has brought up a speculation that he used his natural ability “crimson ice ring” to protect himself although he was 3-yr old at that time. He is known as a prodigy in mastering his clan’s ability (ice and water) earning him the nickname “tensai” or genius.

Baez has known this good friend of his since he was a little child, Nadbinti Retsu, a female shinobi from a nearby hidden village. He will share his ups and downs with her and Nadbinti Retsu’s calming technique, the minazuki tenmori tenpu midarete (shattering the fire of depression) helps him through the troubles he always encounters with his adik angkat, a powerful yet eksen shinobi from the same country.

Baez Toushiro’s abilities.

Special Ninjutsu :

1) With a cry of  “Souten ni zase!” (sit upon the frozen heavens), Baez summons up all the water in the atmosphere, creating a gigantic blue ice phoenix who has unbelievable speed of attacks. When it touches anyone, the phoenix will turn the person into an ice, making him fragile and vulnerable.

2) Daiguren Hyorinmaru is an updated and more powerful ninjutsu. Whenever he uses this technique, sparkling ice will cover his body like a wing, and makes him able to fly freely in the air. The wing protects him just like Gaara’s sand, and so far, nothing could penetrate this absolute defense. Daiguren Hyorinmaru creates an angelic flowery halo ring around his opponent and keep the person in a solid and freezing ice prison (-700 celcius) where he can no longer escape.

3)  He has created a very special technique called hanakaze midarete (flowered breeze flutters) where he turns the air into thousand cherry colored petals and the aurora phenomenon created by this technique always amazes his opponent until he realizes that his body has been pierced by thousands of the ice petals.

Genjutsu :

1) Kyoka Suigetsu (mirror flower water moon) technique enables him to keep his opponent frozen by just looking into his eyes. His eyes will turn into a solemn and somber blue-white yet captivating light, and the opponent will burst into tears in no time.

Taijutsu :

He can now open the 8th gate of the chakra body flow enabling him to combat-fight his opponent with a speed faster than lightning. The way he walks reflects that he has mastered this technique very well since one has to run to keep up with him.

Weapons :

  1. Basic – Shuriken, Kunai, Exploding Tags.
  2. Baez’s unique weapon – He always brings with him a cigarette’s lighter, and he can combine the fire from the lighter and his own ice ability to create a water-ice cannon ball which has a destructive effect.

Rumour has it that Baez was almost killed by Yazumin when he commented on her oval shaped picture.

Baez Toushiro’s  current undertaking:

He believes that he has to develop another skill thus he is currently in ninja medical academy along with Yazumin and Retsu. He meets Divamoun and Khalikok-Endangkun in the same academy yet his “tensai”ness enables him to climb up the academy in a faster pace. He is one lazy guy and he’s in his final year of learnings with Tsunade Sama, the Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village. He impressed Tsunade by creating a very special technique in medicine, nami kotogotoku (be as the waves) where he can heal a severely injured person from 1km away by converting his chakra into a special wave-form healing particles.

But most importantly, he has developed a jutsu in maintaining a good relationship i.e good socializing skill.

An original biodata from Baez himself


Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
– Anais Nin  

Your world was about loving your friends unconditionally wherever you are, in whatever state you are in. I am sure Nad bears witness to that. My prayers are with you my dear friend, as you face this final year examination. I look forward to the day I’ll be addressing you as Dr. Baez. Happy Birthday again.

Regards from the Iga Clan,

Yazumin Minci



1. Puteri Nad :-( - May 29, 2007

happy besday

2. jet - May 29, 2007

wat the hell la bdak yasmin ni..tinggi bena imaginasinye smpi x tcapai dek akal..oo yeh..epi besday my mukhsin..hahha..may Allah bless u..

3. kasyah - May 30, 2007

hepi besday bro!

your taijutsu skill hachimon tonkou ke?

4. Minci - May 30, 2007

hahaha… bende nih imaginasi ‘mukhsin’ .. bukan aku yg buat 😛

hachimon tonkou?

5. fiza - May 30, 2007

happy besday ncik baez!
may Allah’s love nd blessing always b wif u..amin~

mne la kakmin dpt idea neh?
ade mimpi naruto ke smlm?
hehe :p

6. kasyah - May 30, 2007

macam ada related dgn naruto je.. 😛

” open the 8th gate of the chakra body flow” . cuba lihat video ni

http://www.dailymotion.com/tag/++6/video/x21kz5_hachimon-tonkou .

kalau boleh open sampai 8th dah dikira tahap kage.

7. nautilusiv - May 30, 2007

Hikhikhik… tak sempat baca abis.. so hepi besday aje lah kepada siapa jua yang menyambut besday ye? Agozaimasu kokodes..hmm..

8. Que - May 30, 2007

faiz happy birthday… tapi aku masuk akademi ape kah? pon x teringat…

9. D - May 30, 2007

adoiiiii…. tahap dewa-dewi nak faham your creative concoction! Otanjou biomede tougozaimasu…

10. coops - May 30, 2007

seriously, i’m dying to meet you minci! You’re so imaginative!

11. Just A Lady~ - May 30, 2007

happy birthday faiz dearie… ur so blessed with frenz like min…

12. Minci - May 30, 2007

takde lah.. biodata nih Baez sendre yg buat … sbg ekoran entry aku pd suatu masa dahulu
a ah.. mmg naruto.
akademi medicina bley..
miahahaha.. rasakan kegilaan kami
haha.. it’ll be nice to meet you too although i cannot stress enough how this biodata thingi is created by baez himself… but yea.. i did do the ‘minci yazumin’ ninja bio on my own..
just a lady,
kak syifa tuka nama lagi ek? hihihi… I am blessed to have u as a fren akak…

13. baez - May 30, 2007

alo alo kakmin
that’s soooooo schweet, terharunyeh ada entri
ni nannes2 sambil nak hadiah dari kakmin berupa jam tangan swatch boley? muehehehehehehe
kakmin adalah kakak angkat ku yang sgt schweet
dan am blessed ada kakmin muehehe
ni da abes exammmmmmmm
result kuar lusaaaaaaaaaaaa

14. baez - May 31, 2007

kamin takleh panggil daku doc lagi, lambang susah okkkkkkkkkk exam

15. Minci - May 31, 2007

i memang sweet OK.. sangat sweet.. 😛
oh dear..susah sgt kah?
oh well… just pray for the best OK..

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