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:: Learn from a movie :: May 30, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Just For Fun.

It is difficult to tell if the stuff they teach you in movies to be either real or lies. Of course with subjective lessons, they can be neither right nor wrong. Usually on perception and love. Movies like Dead Poet Society, Emma etc.

How about factual things? Which of these will you believe in?

Watch the lil brother imitate Bi-Rain

  1. Immerse your face in water while you cry, it’ll make it less obvious and less ugly – Hello Brother (2004)

  2. The bad guy is said to allegedly bleed 30ml/min out of his brachial artery when Kim Bassinger slashed it – Cellular (2004)

  3. Women in delivery would scream and scream and scream as they give birth – any movie.

  4. Was there really a prominent Chinese lady pirate in ancient times? [‘the making’ says the characters were based on real people]- Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (2007)

Have you come across any interesting facts in a movie lately?



1. Puteri Nad :-( - May 30, 2007


1-iaitu selepas termakan bahan2 radioaktif orang bley jadi zombi [zombi kampong pisang]

2. daju - May 30, 2007

hmm..xigt la filem ape..time kecik2..
these kids nk sgt naek rollercoaster..
so dia makan brocolli byk2 ker coco crunch..supaya jd taller..
xtau la btol ker x..

3. fiza - May 30, 2007

haha..nad tgk gak ke cite zombie tu?
kelaka ok..

4. Just A Lady~ - May 31, 2007

haaaa.. ada ada tgk citer adik beradik ni… sedih kan~~

5. Minci - May 31, 2007

WOW.. giller dahsyat impak makan bende radioaktif.. kalau terminum air yang ada ‘mercury’ plak canne? 😛

ohh…u know what? that sounds familiar.

kita dah ada ker citer tuh..huahuahua

just a lady,
sebenarnya kan.. saya tk abis tgk lagi part 2 tuh..haha

6. Puteri Nad :-( - May 31, 2007

do u kno that we can get keracunan merkuri from dental amalgam?hehe..so if u have besi one,please tukar to calcium based fillings =)

and long time exposure to mercury will lead to brain damage and also if u r pregnant your baby may be autistic?

penangan belaja hygiene..

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