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:: Insert own title here :: May 31, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

Every morning just after 8AM the patient’s visitors would see this ‘little medic’ scurrying around the ward in her oversized blue scrubs. Grabbing folders from the bedside after giving a little nod and a smile to them. Then, she’ll flick through the papers to find the data she needs. Often she is disappointed because the information she requires doesn’t answer the question she’s asking. Yet, how could she hope for the patient to not progress just so they fulfill her purpose of study? 😦


Later during the day, she will do a review on one of the patients. She’s still learning. Therefore, she’s very slow. She’s very careful and determined not to miss a single sign/weird sounds because these patients are ‘critical’.

Following the previous doc’s format, she’d make a summary of the patients history before going through the ABCDEFGH thing. She has to wear a ‘pinnie’ and gloves before touching the patients as they are very ill and vulnerable to infection.

Airways – is it maintained on their own? tracheostomy? mechanical ventilation?

Breathing – FIo2, sats, respiratory rate, chest sounds, ABG results

Circulation – BP, pulse, heart sounds, warm peripheries?

Disability – Usually checking Glasgow Coma Score

Electrolytes – Checking the urine output and Na, K, Urea, Cr results

Feeding – Nasogastric tube? Eating and drinking?

Gastrointestinal – Is abdomen soft and non-tender? Hear any bowel sounds? Scars? Wounds ok?

Haematology – Results of Hb, WCC, platelets and temperature

Plan – This part she can never be sure of what to do. She’s got to have that little help from the real doctors. 😛

By 4PM , she’s home. Thinking ‘Today, I have learnt something. What will tomorrow have for me?”




1. Puteri Nad :-( - May 31, 2007

tomoro u ll learn other things..
haihh we never stop learning..
uuu and then the exams come

2. Minci - June 1, 2007

so true my dear

3. Syafrizal - June 5, 2007

Of course Grey’s Anatomy would not too close to the real doctor environment. No one could have sex in a hospital. That is spooky.

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