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:: Tomb Affair :: June 1, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Dream Diary.

This dream entry was in my ‘blog material’ archives. Figured I’d use it again to fill up my ‘Dream Diary’ category. 😛

After Subuh I had a strange dream of death. My own death.

It was on a highway in Malaysia. My mum and I were on this apek cart ( the one where people can wheel and put fruits on it ), apparently riding on it along the highway. My dad was in a car nearby with all my other siblings. So, there I was on the cart with my helmet on and we passed another person with the same mode of transportation. He was a young Chinese guy selling a selection of biscuits on his cart. We passed him and not long after that there were two old Mat Salleh walking on the road in the opposite direction. However, they did not seem to budge at all. Even at the sight of our carts dashing towards them.

After that, things just started to get a little bit dangerous. Whenever we had to go down a slope, our cart went a little bit too fast that I had to put my foot down on the tar to use as a brake. The cart was harder to control as we approached a slippery curve. We crashed into the trees and bushes and my head was spinning very badly. I was soon unconscious. As a matter of fact, I was not blacked-out, I was dead. When I woke up at the site, my mum was reading the coroner’s report (which came from nowhere) and was waiting for my dad to catch up and come in his car.

I did not know that I was already dead until my mum showed me the report which confirmed it. I was a ghost and my mum could see me. I looked at myself and saw that I was getting more transparent. Later, my dad came rushing through the bushes with my sister. They did not know that I was dead, maybe I didn’t look like I was, until my dad finished reading the report. In the meantime, all that I could think about was I haven’t had the time to say the kalimah syahadah before my last breathe, my fear of not doing insufficient good deeds, the sins that I have not repent to and  the paramount fear of what ‘seksa kubur’ there is in store for me. It is an enormous amount of fear to know that to live comfortably in your grave you’d depend a lot on what you have done duniawi and onto other people to remember and help you too with their du’a. Unfortunately, people are too busy with their own lives and to think about those who has left the world. I pinched myself in the dream just to make sure that this is real.

After reading the report, I could see that my dad was speechless as he looked at me. I was fading and fading into thin air. My mum asked what should they do now. My dad said, “Let’s bury her here in Brunei. There’s this very neatly kept cemetery where all the graves are tended to and cared for”.




1. Que - June 1, 2007

seriously camane ko boleh ingat mimpi dgn detailed skali? aku bila bangun terus lupa segala mimpi2 nih….

and also sangat klaka sbb brunei… motif brunei????

2. Puteri Nad :-( - June 1, 2007

kakmin nye mimpi always ada storiline dan pelik2..
but why brunei gak??
and kenapa tak naek keta sama2?

3. Minci - June 1, 2007

oh.. boleh sebenarnyer.. bila bangun..jgn terus aktif.. stay still and TRY to remember as much as you can.. pasti akan ingat punyer..
mmg kelaka brunei itu.. aku pun tk tau kenapa..:P

tak naik keta sama? that’s why…… i oso dono..

4. Just A Lady~ - June 2, 2007

eee… tatotnyeh… tapi brunei~? cool eh~

5. Waq - June 2, 2007

yasmin… how do u embed youtube video in your blog?

6. Minci - June 2, 2007

just a lady,

i just put on the visual page while making my entry, not the ‘code ‘ page.
same thing if I want to put songs [audio=URL here]

no close bracket watsoever.. hope that helps.

7. Waq - June 2, 2007

doesnt work…

the close bracket “[” and “]” not needed?
can u put up example?

dont know what I miss

8. Waq - June 2, 2007

Ok .. done..
Thanks a lot

Although I still dont know what I did wrong in the first place hehe

9. Waq - June 2, 2007


link for youtube is obvious.. what audio URL ? any good source?

10. Minci - June 2, 2007

for the audio URl is like when you upload ur own music files to filelodge or fileden…
once you upload them, there’s this URL you can use to be placed in between the bracket.
but then I think with wordpress, you have the option of using something called the BOx Widget. try finding it under dashboard > presentation > side widgets

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