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:: Smokin Aces :: June 2, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Movie/TV Reviews.


Sparazza, it turns out, is actually an aging undercover FBI agent who infiltrated the mob. Israel is actually his illegitimate son. The “contract” on Israel is a misunderstanding; Sparazza doesn’t want Israel rubbed out. Instead, he literally wants his heart for a transplant procedure. Andy Garcia’s character, Assistant Director Locke, upon discovering the truth, calls off the protective operation and agrees to go forward with the transplant, sacrificing Israel to save Sparazza, in order to obtain the wealth of information that Sparazza will have gathered on mob activities since the 1930s.

I just needed to understand that part. 😛 I like.



1. jet - June 2, 2007

yeh..bace gak td kat wikipedia..bodo punye cite..hahah..snirik tak paham, mau bodo-bodokan cite pulak..

2. jet - June 2, 2007

oh yeh..lg satu part x paham nape ben affleck tuh dibaya oleh loyer closet transvestite tu?x phm tu gak..bodo..

3. Puteri Nad :-( - June 2, 2007

tak tengok maka no komen komen

4. Minci - June 2, 2007

i only know that ben affleck nyer peranan has got something to do with bail money tapi bukanlah berkaitan dgn 1 million yg dioffer tuh.. miahaha

5. jet - June 2, 2007

bail money tu ape..matila peno komenan aku asek btanye sje..

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