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:: Sweat it out :: June 3, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

I am not a fitness fan but it has to be done.

I went to the unit this morning to see if there are any suitable patients that could be enrolled into my audit project. Unfortunately there were none and I was at wits end. First, I am not getting a good number and secondly the results are not heading into the direction I want them to. I have spotted a few flaws to my project design and hope to discuss it with my supervisor tomorrow.

I was still fuming when I reached home. There really isn’t anybody in particular to blame. Things like this happens. It’s just that I’m on a time limit. I need quick results. I do not have the whole year.

There was no point screaming like a mad woman or trashing my room to vent the frustration out. If I am a traceuses, I would be jumping on everybody’s roof but I’m still in the middle of building my stamina and strength. Baru 2 hari dah eksen. Yea.. it’ll take me another 20 years to effectively jump from just the pier to the boat. Miahaha.. In 5 years, I see myself jumping across a not so wide drain. HA HA HA. 😛 It is hard work knowing that your aim is to be swift and agile at the end of the day. Matilah berangan, nak lintas jalan pun takut. Also when you haven’t been exercising for quite sometime.

I changed into my ‘exercise pants’ leaving the top part of my scrubs on. My legs were still a bit stiff from doing this Cindy Crawford workout video yesterday. I grabbed my ‘streets’ and Britney’s TOXIC single from my CD rack. I unlocked the kitchen door at the back, put the CD on and started skipping aggressively away in the back lawn. The skipping rope looked quite battered. Oopss.

Work it out to let it out.



1. Que - June 3, 2007

oh i hv beeen so menternak lemak semenjak dua menjak exam nih… so neeed to move my lazy ass off ….

2. Puteri Nad :-( - June 3, 2007

hahaha..tak abis lg penangan traceuse tu ke kakmin..nak jadik neo ye..hehehe..
sekarang adalah masa utk mentone punggung,stairs here i come.

3. jet - June 3, 2007


4. Minci - June 3, 2007

oh,, jgnlah ternak lama2.. akng tk pepasal jadi hot potato

sila ok sila..

yup, skipping merrily 🙂

5. D - June 3, 2007

skip skip skip to my lou…

6. kasyah - June 4, 2007

so rajin skipping ye… oh..ada hati nak jadi traceuses .haha 😛

7. Syafrizal - June 5, 2007

Exercise is good for you 😦

8. ejat - June 7, 2007


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