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:: How to make good toast :: June 4, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Food and Drinks.


A compliment of ‘You make good toast’ is unheard of from where I came from. It’s just a slice of bread put into the toaster! What’s the big deal.. However, years and years of eating the toast prepared by staffs in the wards changed my opinion.’It is not just any bread’, I thought. Still, I paid no attention whatsoever onto how to do a good one.

Hence, this morning I panicked as I tried to make ‘good toast’ for the team during coffee break. Sukarela tapi padan muka tak reti. Although I looked calm, it was a tsunami inside my head as I tried to search for those ‘unconcscious manuals on making toast’ that I picked up during my rotations. Argh.. where? where? Was it in O&G? Respiratory ward? Paeds?

In short, my toasts were a bit burnt but since they were hungry, they just ate it. Great, I’ve just helped them get cancer by stuffing benzopyrene down their throats. Huhu~

Once I reached home, I practiced the art of making toast. I suppose the trick is;

  1. Use white bread – I’m a wholemeal lover because it doesn’t make me hungry too quickly. Sadly, wholemeal doesn’t make good toast as compared to white bread.

  2. Perfect timing – My current toaster has a dial with numbers from 1 to 6. So far, my ‘good toast’ is a product of number 4. I guess it is different depending on the type of toaster you use. A ‘good toast’ looks slightly brown + yellow+ crispy.

  3. The right butter – I made 2 slices of toast. For the first slice I used the type of butter you’d use to bake cakes and the other is a proper spread  (with a ‘healthier option’ label to it) The ‘good toast’ was the one with the earlier option. Damn.. food with lots of fat taste nice. Once buttered, the middle part of the bread should sink giving that lovely yellowy ‘oily’ view. 😛 hah.. nikmat.

  4. Presentation – Triangle shaped toast are always nicer than a rectangle one or one that is not cut at all. 

How do you make your toast? 🙂



1. D - June 4, 2007

oooh, pandai, pandai!! Main thing is, to spread the butter IMMEDIATELY – while it’s still warm (to get that oily effect!). And then, to make sure those who you’re preparing the toast eats is ASAP – so that the toast doesn’t harden. Bila nak serve I toast ni? Yummy!

2. daju - June 4, 2007

ehh bkan ke wholemeal lg sedap bile di toast..
i like wheat bread..

3. Syafrizal - June 5, 2007

Sedapnya roti bakar… I’m hungry

4. Minci - June 5, 2007

hahaha.. thank you thank you..next time kita buat half-boiled eggs plak..

erk.. ye ker? hihi.. ntahlah, so far the ones I make dun taste so good

yes..sgtlah sedap 🙂

5. nautilusiv - June 6, 2007

The perfect toast is the one you hold a glass and wave it to the air and say something nice…huhuhuhu

6. bobs a gay - November 6, 2007

basically its just toast why r u discussin it u nerds xx ly

7. bobs a gay - November 6, 2007

omg 🙂

8. bobs a gay - November 6, 2007

onli just realized u cud do tht 😀 :’)

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