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:: Mimpi Gue :: June 5, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Dream Diary.

I find dreams fascinating. I make an effort to remember them once I wake up. I’d just remain still and recollect every single fragments of the dream, if I can.

Last night I had a dream. I was in a lecture theatre attending some sort of seminar/convention for medical students. We were divided into small groups of 4 and woohoo.. Khalikok was one of them. The other 2 was a Chinese guy I don’t know and surprise surprise the other person was this guy I’ve met before during one of my trips to ‘south of england’. Of all medical students, why him? Is he a medical student in the first place, I wonder? Oh.. on 2nd thought I think he is because he talked about child psychology once. Haha.. funny chap.

Anyway, we were to give a presentation on topics in medicine and ours was on diseases of the heart and the ECG. I don’t remember the exact ‘dialogues’ but I do know that we did a sketch. I was a teacher who speaks in a lot of different accents. The stage magically changes its sets and stuff. The audience loved it and we got 1st place. Then the audience cheered something like’ speech speech’ and I gave a winning speech on behalf of the group in an Indonesian accent “Assalamualaikum..group gue berasa sangat honoured bla bla bla.. gue cinta Say2 (pronounced as ‘Sai’ ; a short form of Sayang’ ) sekalian”

Dreams are said to be a way for us to digest information on that particular day. A method to file the knowledge into its respective folders in the brain. I began to think of why I would have such a dream;

  • Motif Khalikok? maybe it was the YM conference we (me + 2evilminds) had the night before as we tried to dig deep into his relationship with H*

  • heart and ECG – revised that in the evening because there was a patient in the unit who had aortic stenosis. I wanted to know the character of the murmur.

  • different accents – the house phone was ringing while we were all watching TV in the living room. None of us wanted to answer it although Jet said I should put on a foreign accent and talk nonsensically.

  • Indonesian accent in particular – I have been spinning Indonesian songs a lot lately since so many nice people are sending nice tracks to me. Promote katanya. Ker mer’riak?’ haha. Thank you my dear friends. Send more…




1. Puteri Nad :-( - June 5, 2007

meriak tu rasanye..

2. fiza - June 5, 2007

yg meriak tu jet rasanye

3. Que - June 5, 2007

eh mekasih lah yeah sbb masukkan me dlm mimpi, rasa honoured (bleh?)
tp ko bab mengingat mimpi mmg hebat…
tp ko mewakili satu grp, phang ade ke huh?
tp mana gi Farid?
tp sape H*? kan dah bgtau x de kaitan dong dgn hidup ku ini huhu
tp bab ko bg speech to feeeling mcm diva baru amik award kat Grammy’s ke? pastu buat muka terkejut mcm Melinda Doolittle yg riak mukanya ibarat mencampak air ke muka terus riaknye terkejut (u know campak as in iklan pencucui muka tu)
but can u explain more about the diagram? i found it interesting. Boleh pakai untuk menguatkan memory ke huh????

4. Puteri Nad :-( - June 5, 2007

boleh abang que..
malahan ley dilaminate letak dalam shower yah!

5. ejat - June 5, 2007

diseases of the heart and the ECG.. 🙂

6. Que - June 5, 2007

kekeke daku pemalas dan bukan lah Dean lister ok…

7. Minci - June 5, 2007

haha.. I think so too.

oh.. kau pun sama sajorrr

aku pun tak tau sebenarnyer canne nk interpret the diagram

motif? 😛

8. nautilusiv - June 6, 2007

Hahahah… the ECG reminds me of last year when admitted to hospital when suspected ada masalah jantung.
At the midnight during pleasant dream, nurses crashed the door dalam keadaan kelam kabut. Some grab my legs and 2 of them my arms. Arrgghh.. tidak. Jangan gunakan seterika itu.!!.. ( boleh ke guna word SETERIKA? hahah.. kan tipikal cerita melayu and omputih, kalu tepaksa guna seterika tu selalunya Innalillah) Pastu dia bukakan baju. Alamak, pastu dia bukakan tali pinggang…. alamak… abis le dara aku…kui kuikui… rupanya dia buat ECG. kui kui kui…kenangan betul. Masih teringat lamabaian Siti (nurse tu le) ” Bye..jangan datang lagi ye..” Haha satu satunya tempat yang owner akan greet customer not to come back.

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