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:: United 93 :: June 7, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Movie/TV Reviews, Ponderings.


United 93.. a very slow and boring start but slightly more interesting towards the end. One guy puts it as a film that will make ‘more people understand a little more about human nature’. What human nature? He did not elaborate. 

One minute everyone is still a pilot with his team of air hostesses, a first class or coach passenger, a successful businessman or an average Joe(or Jane). When it comes to putting a value on your life(death), a turn of character takes place. Everyone is suddenly capable of murder. Anybody can take their first kill.

Them the hijackers who intended to crash the plane. Them the passengers who bludgeoned the life out of one man in a group of 3 or 4 people with a fire extinguisher. Do not add ‘self-defence’ or ‘terrorist suicide mission’ into the picture for without these phrases, only then you can see the ugliness of human nature in a state of desperation.

That is to believe in what is important for each of them and to get it by hook or by crook. The price? Always the life of another human being. Man, woman and children. If not to end it.. just enough to make them suffer. Like when you spread lies about your best mates to other people, making your colleagues look like a slacker just so you become the ace student etc. The knife you stabbed may not have caused their heart to stop pumping but you have definitely killed their social life and prospective career. 


And did you know that Mark Wahlberg was scheduled to be on the real flight of United 93 too? Only that he decided to visit a friend in Toronto at the very last minute. My source? Wikipedia. Heh.. 😛



1. Puteri Nad :-( - June 7, 2007

arm..da tengok gak..
hai kakmin

2. nautilusiv - June 8, 2007


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