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:: You’re hired :: June 7, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Mini Projects.



  1. A dental student who is willingly to be exploited for his/her skills in scaling teeth for free.
  2. A 3-D book cover designer who fulfills the criteria below;
  • Has a lot of free time.
  • Can work on a very tight deadline.
  • Writes a blog – because I cannot pay you (unless I receive kind donations) and want your expertise for free. What I can do for you is include a link to your blog/website so as you could get more traffic. I get an average of 250 unique visitors a day and nearly 40 returning visitors (subscribes to my feed). It is not a lot but if you’re just starting to blog, that should be an incentive. No? Eksen.. haha 😛

  • Have the capacity to understand that this is a ‘for fun’ project. I am out of my mind sometimes.

Fit any 2 of the category above? Email me. Details on the ‘About Minci Yazumin’ page.



1. Puteri Nad :-( - June 7, 2007

i like the money part
but lazy..
jadi kakmin nak 10% of your earning..boleh tak?

2. coops - June 7, 2007

i like the second one 😀

3. Just A Lady~ - June 7, 2007

aaarrr… i just nak jadik ur rakan kongsi aje boleh~? ;D

4. Minci - June 7, 2007

matilar tkder org nk buatkan cover untuk i nih… miahahaha 😛

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