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:: Coloring pages for the inner kid in you :: June 8, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

‘Coloring pictures’ will forever be that one talent every normal adult would have. How hard would it be to color in the lines. How much easier would it be if all you had to do is click to ‘fill’ the colors?

The Doll Palace had just recently included a ‘coloring pages’ section that allows you to choose an existing picture from various categories and ‘color’ them using ones that are available on the palette. This website’s contents are specialized towards teenage girls but this particular section does work for any kid. That also means that inner kid within you. 

Here is my piece of artwork – a lovely Minci.

I chose the Anime category that has lots of popular anime figures from Naruto, Sailormoon and Cardcaptor Sakura to name a few. If the kids are not a fan of those, perhaps they’d prefer to color the Powerpuff Girls or Winnie the Pooh. There’s a fair amount of drawings to choose from! 
After all the artistic clicks and fill, don’t forget to save the picture once you register for a FREE account. Have fun!



1. Puteri Nad :-( - June 8, 2007

tangan yg da kaler tu macam transgender kan?

2. Minci - June 9, 2007

ahahahaha… mana lah tau ‘fairy’ nih workout ker.. tgn angelina jolie pun lebey kurang jer 😛

3. kasyah - June 9, 2007

Mula aku nak color gambar neji..pastu tertarek dgn sasuke ngan ular die… last2 semua itu hanyalah menghabiskan masa aku 😥

4. Syafrizal - June 9, 2007

I can color a picture using MS Paint.. but my niece can make it more beautiful hehehe

5. Puteri Nad :-( - June 9, 2007

she is a ‘fairy’ hahaha..tengok je tangan tu..tangan angelina santek ok!

6. D - June 9, 2007

HoHO… My kids will enjoy this!

7. nautilusiv - June 11, 2007


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