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:: House Haus :: June 9, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Uncategorized.


Season 3 : One Day, One Room

Eve : TIME changes everything!

Dr House : NO!! DOING THINGS change everything!

OK.. did I quote that right?

I like HOUSE MD because of its soap opera. The quick and sarcastic remarks are entertaining. Honestly, I could never follow as to to how the medical mystery is solved. The signs and symptoms and investigations are all over the place. All of a sudden, the team has a diagnosis and I can’t even hear properly what it was. Often, I had to Wiki afterwards and then see how the symptoms fit in each case.  😥



1. hafiz - June 9, 2007

I like House too 🙂

This is a good link for House House Medical Review

First time bagi komen kat sini….

2. Puteri Nad :-( - June 9, 2007

yeah,especially when all of a sudden,it just clicked.. like macam house tengok orang ni orang tu..tiba2 dia ada idea plak apa terjadi dgn patient dia..geram sangat camner dia terer.

3. coops - June 9, 2007

House IS the man! I was like, “bestnya if jd doc, then I can understand what the hell he was saying..” and I never thot rupa2nya, dia ni mmg susah nak faham pun even I amik med, ek. But I guess, citer ni mmg bagus pun nak jd your reference 😉 Go Minci!!!

4. Minci - June 9, 2007

welcome then.. oh.. I love that link too. It explains the reasoning behind the diagnosis and rates each episode too.

i read that they use ‘socrate method’ in approaching a medical problem. Is that suppose to mean some sort of bizarre method to diagnose an illness or is it very much like the normal thing we are doing now.

In terms of medical reference, I like it because it brings up the most rare sort of disease into light and presents them in the most extreme severity..
chaiyok!! 😉

5. daju - June 9, 2007

like it because of its soap opera?? hehh..
i’m nt a medical student.so lg la xfaham kn..
suke je chase n cameron..

6. idham - June 9, 2007

just want tosay…i lurve ur puisi for pak perdana menteri…!


7. D - June 9, 2007

I like House’s sarcasm! Cool..

8. Minci - June 9, 2007

I love Chase nyer accent.. so lar mcm SEXY..

hehe.. thank you

kak D,
yerp.. his sarcasm is nice to watch in TV but it is definitely not a nice experience when you have a real life Dr House doing that in your face.. haha

9. hafiz - June 9, 2007

just to add, Chase accent is OZ slang :).

I love House sarcasm but will not like to face it in the real life 😀

10. Syafrizal - June 10, 2007

You like House huh?
I like Grey’s anatomy better heheh

11. Minci - June 10, 2007

yerp… OZ accents are sizzling hot

actually I love all medical drama

12. Syafrizal - June 11, 2007

Really? well I’m not that big fan of medical drama hehe

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