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:: Which FREE bloghost for you :: June 10, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

 People blog for different reasons. Some to share knowledge and experiences, few to make money, several to be famous, others because of their interest in playing with codes etc. If the reasons are all the above, then I suppose it is very very satisfying to get your own domain.

As for me, eventhough Tiscali has provided me a free space for my own website (whatever you call it), I do not have that skill to use it as I have to start from scratch. With all sorts of WordPress version and this ‘php stuff’ everywhere, I am lost. And I don’t really have much time to learn.(yet!) Hence the reason why I stayed with FREE bloghosts and keep changing them to fulfill my needs.

1) Blogdrive
This was the home for my first blog and mind you, it is still there. Hidden under a different URL. My original one has been hijacked by a single mom who happens to seek a partner that can share her enjoyment in watching pØrn.

Plus points

  • can change URL anytime but must face risk of it being snatched/hacked by another user.

  • flexibility in changing the templates therefore can put up a tagboard, Haloscan commenting system, song plugins, slide pictures or advertisements.

  • post display can be in a chronological or reverse chronological order

Minus points

  • no password protected entries

  • cannot make categories or pages

  • limited file storage but with photobucket,anything is possible

  • no ‘read more’ option

  • blogdrive owns commenting system requires an annoying verification code on a different page everytime you want to comment.

2) Iblog
Home for my 2nd blog. It was exciting at first because the templates looked a bit different but soon the feeling faded away as I found love in a different host.

Plus points

  • can make password protected entries. The cool thing about it is that we can divide the content in half – part protected and the other not.

  • allows embed of Youtube videos through this ‘flash’ thing. No need to switch to a ‘code mode’ or anything like that.

  • can place post in different categories

Minus points

  • limited number of templates to use plus the fact that you cannot alter them.

  • cannot change URL

3) Blogger/Blogspot

This is where Wasaii Studio ‘stays’. I haven’t been part of it for quite some time. Therefore, a bit limited on what to say about it. Perhaps, other Blogger users can elaborate on this.

Plus points

Minus Points

4) WordPress 

The reason behind the switch was because I wanted to leave the ‘TheÇhÔsenFlØwer’ name. I was a dying flower back then. I had wanted to stop writing blogs completely but then I find that the urge to write was too strong, eventhough I write crap most of the time. Writing was some form of therapy. Seeing how neat Mirul’s blog was at the time, I thought I should give wordpress a try.

Plus Points

  • can make password protected entries

  • blog stats and akismet spam service provided

  • can place post in different categories and also create Pages in the same blog. Therefore, you don’t need a separate blog to describe things about yourself, FAQ, characters in your life, etc.

  • upgrade option  and fantastic widgets

  • a totally prompt and awesome customer support service

Minus points

  • customised templates. No Javascript thingy allowed.

  • got to choose URL carefully. there is no changing and definitely no getting it back once you delete your blog.

  • hmm… can’t think of anything else.(yet)


All these blogs share the same features of;

  • able to have multiple authors under one blog

  • one person making lots of other blogs under the same account

  • can preset date to publish post to be sometime in the future or the past

  • blog can be set to private and opened to invited readers only. Registration required. 

Perhaps there are others too that I may have left out. 😛 I did have very short affairs with other free blog providers such as;

  • Friendster – having deleted my account several times, this is just not a good option.

  • FreeWebs

  • Livejournal

  • Aeonity

but none of them were to my liking. So that’s what I think about FREE blogging.



1. dimas arik - June 10, 2007


2. Puteri Nad :-( - June 10, 2007

Blogspot..that’s where my heart is

3. Adam - June 10, 2007

I started blogging with Blogger and still with it when other people have moved on to WordPress powered blogs with their own domain names.

With time I have seen the improvements. The advatage that it has over other free blogging platforms is that it is part of Google. Need I say more.

4. Minci - June 10, 2007

dimas arik,
What? Mau masuk list spammer kah?

🙂 of course it is

this too is part of Google 🙂

5. Syafrizal - June 11, 2007

Well any minus points here is just a limitations that you have to accept it. But hey at least it is free rite? hehe

6. nautilusiv - June 11, 2007

STOP blogging a while ago until tetiba terbuka hati untuk memBLOGkan diri bebaru ini. lately pun agak sibuk untuk MemBlogkan event dan perasaan hati. Lebih best memblogkkan diri di blog MINCI ni. hehehe…:)
Melalui The Chosen Flower, I was brought to this blog of Minci as for that time I was looking for the Perpisahan lyrics and mp3 entah sebab apa ntah … dah tak ingat. So, free ke bayar ke…. MinCi memang best le

7. Kasyah - June 11, 2007

First time i blogging using blogger…when i got my own hosting and domain i prefer using wordpress. It have a lot of useful plugins.. 😀

8. azwanhadzree - June 11, 2007

Been here before but can’t remember leaving a comment or not. I actually love both blogger and wordpress. Although hv moved to wordpress, my old blog is still active.

9. Syafrizal - June 12, 2007

I agree with you guys.. wordpress got a lot of useful plugins and I really love it. But I do also have blogger account. 🙂

10. daju - June 12, 2007

tp wordpress yg free tu xboleh create template sendiri..ke boleh??

11. lifeinside - June 18, 2007

aww so sweet :p i was given credit :p well u really shud thank wordpress – i am able to have my diary online!

12. iphonebeep - July 2, 2007

what’s the pros and cons of blogspot???

13. Minci - July 2, 2007

since nobody in asnwering..well.. i suppose…

pros – a lot of choice on templates, can put adds (basically monetize ur blog), quite useful add ons, in short u get to modify the html

cons – no category/password protected/pages facility, hmmm.. that is all i cud think of for now.

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