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:: The F World :: June 13, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Food and Drinks.

Bloghopping  – a hobby one could try to get stuck in. And of course, by hobby I mean ‘doing things in your own free time’. I stumbled across this blog entry and asked myself, ‘Did I learn to cook before I went overseas?’

Answer.. NO.

Not because I was a masterchef or anything. At that time, eating food hence cooking food was never top priority in my life. I did not want to have a slim figure nor was I on any sort of diet. I just don’t see eating as something enjoyable. It was like a task to fulfill my body’s energy requirement. I had no favourite food and really till now, I don’t have any. I do have cravings though!

After SPM, I had the desire to learn but didn’t manage to actively do it. So did my intention to go for driving lessons. In the end, both were put to hold. I went overseas not knowing how to cook (except for rice, frying chicken, eggs, fish) and how to drive.


First year in uni, I was one of the few students who decided to live my life alone in student halls. Others chose to live together in a house as housemates. True, the rent would be much cheaper but I had my reasons of living in the halls. Would you believe me that I have gone to buy chicken and meat stock for myself for only 3 times over that one year. The rest are takeaways, makan2 here and there (freshers go to any occasion where there’s food), dad’s friend dinner invitations and self-made sandwiches. Still, I lived through my 1st year as a happy soul. No complaints.

My first formal contact with cooking real dishes was when I finally moved into a house with another 2 mates. We had cooking rotations. Hoho.. no way out now! Thankfully, my housemates are the suppportive type. Very much like my current housemates too. They corrected whatever was necessary, swallowed my ‘euw’ meatballs and even finished my wacky chocolate cake. Unlike the very ‘eksen’ people in B****** College. Rasa nak sepak sorang2. Expressions like ‘Hah.. awak tak reti?’ ‘haish.. tak boleh kahwin lah macam nih’. I felt like ‘lenyekking’ them flat to the ground like cacing with my little feet. Eeeee… you think I’m going to be that culinary-challenged for the rest of my life, meh? [ok people, I think I’m in my PMS]

If you’re curious about my cooking resume, here’s what I can proudly say;

  • I can turn raw food into something edible.

  • I now have the desire to know more about food. I don’t even know what was Mee Bandung before I came here. Yea.. I had to go UK to know Malaysian food.

  • I may rate as a zero trying to cook laksa or any menu that is very ‘kedai-ish’ but there is always room for improvement, right?

I hope I score at least a 4 on an OSCE marking sheet when I cook for my housemates. 😛


And to the rest of you who are priviledged to be ‘terer’ at cooking much earlier than I was, please do not be too ‘eksen’ and imbecile enough to give unpleasant remarks. I might just have your head for dinner after saying how horrible your cooking taste.

Man.. This post has a very very ‘jahat’ tone to it. 



1. Giacomo - June 14, 2007

yeah.. u do really sound like u are in your PMS… hehe…

2. kaSyah - June 14, 2007

‘except for rice, frying chicken, eggs, fish’

So i want to eksen wit u la… aku terrer masak megi wat..haha 😛

3. daju - June 14, 2007

haha..speaking bout cooking..
dh 2 years kt States..mmg xpandai masak..yela..stay on campus..with meal plan plak tu..but i do cook bile ade potluck..tu pun reti masak spaghetti gune Prego je..haha..currently living with a senior, for the summer..haha..for the past 2 days, plan nak masak lain..lain jd nye..

4. Minci - June 14, 2007

haha… kecil2 oso still want to go lenyek people..

wakakaka.. eksen nyer… LUPA lah nak tambah MAGGI dlm resume aku.. 😛

it’s ok.. I’ve heard someone saying that even if girls tk reti masak, they will still cook much better than boys.. ngeh ngeh ngeh

5. nautilusiv - June 14, 2007

maybe you want to consider this entry to your Benci Mode..

6. Puteri Nad :-( - June 14, 2007

my kawan2 lelaki adalah sangat pandai masak kat sini..
and they are not the ‘seswatu’ type oso

7. Just A Lady~ - June 14, 2007

i pun tak pandai masak lagi okeh min… tggu pergi obersea kot baru kelam kelibut nak bljr masak..

8. Nur Amirah Shaharom - June 14, 2007

well.. Lotsss of ‘jahat2’ tone… hehe!
anyway, it is not mean that if you’re not being abroad, so you can cook well.
I dont really enjoy cooking, as I have some trouble to eat my own cook =) And my mom keep telling me that it is necessary for a girl to know how to deal with kitchen stuff.
She always says, “Degree tu, degree jgak… Masak tetap kena tau”
So within this two months of hols,
I have cooked my own meals for several times.
It’s improved =)
And I think I love it as I am looking for any new, simple, nutritious recipes on the net to try =)

9. Minci - June 14, 2007

yea.. maybe.. PMS is a good time to membebel.. miahaha

so nice like that. men who can cook are a bonus. it is not so much of wanting a guy to cook for you. It’s just that idea of knowing he could fend for himself in times when say, you’re too ill to cook for him. of course, it is always romantic to have somebody else prepare a candlelight dinner for you.. miahaha

i agree with your mother. therefore, the reason why I despise those people back in college who thinks people like me don’t think that way.. pahh..

10. ShUwA - June 14, 2007

i’m d one who owayz read ur blog miss.. n i felt this entry is the enjoyable entry which is..truly from heart la.. suke2… hik2.. may b i should be like u la… people whp can’t cook… could be the one who have ” the art of hand’s cook” erk! btul ke my ayat? ha3 entam jek la… nice knowing you!

11. Minci - June 14, 2007

hye there shuwa,

akhirnya one of my silent readers bersuara.. ooooooo… all the jahat2 stuff you like lar eh.. hahaha

nice knowing you too~~

12. D - June 14, 2007

This is the best advantage of learning abroad – you learn to cook. Not only that, you learn to cook things you’d never dream of doing back home ‘coz you can get them anywhere and everywhere!!I learnt to make some traditional kuehs, which never did once got back home. HAHaHa!!

13. jet - June 14, 2007

bantai je masak2 ni..cm bende len gak, it becomes better with experience..pengkritik ade, leh la jalan, nak idop..pengkritik aku slalunye abg aku..telo msk kicap die komen..masak lemak die komen..sebab bangang menggile time tuh..goreng telo pehtu buh kicap, cili, bawang dalam kuali..die kata baek takya masak..goreng telo buh kicap atas pinggan lagi baek..fine..masak lemak lak, aku g pandai2 tumis bahan masak die..ape ke he kan?rebus je sume skali dalam periuk..haii..bukan sumerg dilahirkan tiba2 memiliki sesuatu kelebihan unless Allah made them that way since the start..they work to get it..tapi work at ur own pace la kan..when it happens, it’ll happen..haa..meraban la panjang2..haishh~

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