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:: Happy Daddy Day :: June 15, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Daddy’s Day is this weekend and in yesterday’s newspaper, 2 articles caught my attention.

  • We fall in love with our partners because he/she look like our parents. Seriously? That means Datuk K or Mubarak Majid is mine. Haha.. Maybe that’s why I find men with a ‘tash’ slightly attractive. Borat excluded please!!

  • 7 secrets for boosting that special bond with fathers. Question is WHY is it that they have to stress a daughter-daddy sort of thing all the time? I mean the pictures were showing female celebs with their dads. What of male celebs with their dads?


A strong relationship with your father is the most protective thing a child can have – Sigmund Freud

Did you read that quote my male friends? You’re that important firewall in a child’s life. To a daughter like myself, my daddy is so special that even if the fish was burnt when he fried them, it still taste nice.

Anyway, the tips were to;

1. Involve him.

I don’t do this a lot really. Not even with my mother. All they know is that I’m doing fine in uni and my friends are good people. It’s just something I chose to do. Over time, the stories/news I give them every week over the phone are superficial talk. Yea.. I’ve got exams bla bla bla. Done. Hardly details, unless necessary. Most of the time I just echo ‘reports’ from their part of the world and kick off from there. Am I closing myself again? Maybe.

2. Ask his advice.

When I was a little girl, Daddy chose the colour of my baju kurung. I trusted his taste and yea.. it wasn’t bad. Later in life, he became my career advisor and most importantly my life coach. He spurred me on with his motivational quotes written in my birthday card every year while I was in boarding school. A few that I can remember are,

“You are the architect of your own life”

“Your attitude determines your altitude”

Then, he’ll write his short speech on ‘being priviledged’, ‘given opportunities’, ‘standing on own two feet as a grown woman’ etc. Thanks dad!

3. Look to his strengths/interest.

He is after all one of the ‘Boys with his Toys’ type of person. I do feel that whenever we’re on the phone, it’s always about the laptop, internet, new phone, digital cameras, getting an MP3 and of course, his beloved MX5. I have no problem keeping myself abreast of the new interesting things he gets stuck into simply because I do spy on my dad. Yup, no kidding! 

4. Forgive and forget.

Few years ago, the family went through a very rough patch. Opinions and remarks were exchanged and we chose to ‘let bygones be bygones’. Life must go on in the name of Ohana.

5. Do something special for him

Which is one of the reasons why I’m dying to work in Malaysia.  

6. Share a secret

This I have yet to do. I mean what sort of secret can a daughter share with her dad?

7. Let him tell you his story.

Haha.. I love his stories although I have a hunch he exaggerates them sometimes. I mean how could you check the authencity of the tales when your grandparents are 6 feet underground. I like it when he talks about his childhood, his day at work, his ministers, colleagues and always that sleepy-assistant-who-he’d-love-to-smack-his-head if he gets a chance, his visions and of course his jokes. I like to hear him laugh, which is often in a witchy manner that goes well with his cheeky funny face.

Happy Daddy’s day!!



1. Puteri Nad :-( - June 15, 2007

i m my daddy’s girl hehe

happy daddy’s day to all the great dads out there who helped their little girls find their place in this world

2. kaSyah - June 16, 2007

me, my dad and i.

i feels its not an easy way to talk with my dad nowadays. ‘ego+embarassement’.

but i know whatever i want he will try to fill it. but not easy for me to ask him for somethin’ coz im too ‘doube E’ .i really respects him but never show it to him.

whenever he called me and ask about myself,studies or watever i feel glad and ‘terharu’..haha. but i never talk emotional with him .im keep hidden my own feeling for him. very double E.

talking with my mum is much better than my dad.hurmm…

i love my dad!

3. daju - June 16, 2007

We fall in love with our partners because he/she look like our parents

hmm..xsure but sometimes org ckp couples tend to look mcm adek beradek..(ape kaitan??)

anyway..i’m nt daddy’s girl mcm nad..hehh..
as leader of the family..obviously dia take care of us very well..
but in terms of problems ke..or advice..i prefer ckp ngn my mom..
plg lame i ckp ngn my dad on the phone 20minutes..tu pn cz my mom xde kt umah..

tp if ayah kate “No”..mmg no way la..even though my siblings xmanja2 sgt ngn my dad..xpnah la nk degil lawan ckp ayah..mmg respect his decision..
if mama slalu je..maybe cz dh tau manja ngn mama…haha..

4. Syafrizal - June 16, 2007

Well Happy Father day to all of you. 🙂

5. Minci - June 17, 2007

oh.. i like that.. ‘helped their little girsl find their place in the world’

hmm.. maybe it is time to put aside the Double E.

I rhink the point is that we are attracted to people who are seiras to us. Like in the animal kingdom, tigers wouldn’t go for a lion.. cam tuh lah..

yea.. to you too.. future father!

6. D - June 17, 2007

Eh, my Mr D doesn’t look like my Daddy!! Anyway, Happy father’s day to all dads out there.

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