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:: Minci’s Top 3 Games :: June 17, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Just For Fun, Mini Projects.

I have been playing one online game after another. I still fail to finish certain games even after I’ve read the spoilers. Goes to show that I don’t follow instructions very well.

My favourites at the moment are;

3. Escape Room Games

The idea is the same for most games. You are to click and combine items as necessary to use them as you logically try to find your way out of the room. I ended up dying, drowning or simply stay locked in the room like forever. There’s even one game that requires you to help Paris Hilton escapes jail.

I have played;

2. Games from Gotmail.

The visuals are so pretty and the story line is so touching that you really really want to solve the game. Too bad they have lousy players like me to play them. Similar to ‘escape room’ games, you play by ‘point and click’.

1. Destroy Games

Shooting cigarettes with water guns. How cool is that!


Destruct-O-Match II from Neopets. “There is a lovely patch of land, down by a stream that would just be a perfect place to build your Tyrannian village, but there is a problem. Boulders everywhere! Blue boulders, yellow boulders, red boulders… and they have to be cleared before you start building.”


There’s more where this comes from.



1. Danial - June 17, 2007

what a coincindence! just when i startd looking for more flash games! the escape room games r really challenging. looks like im almost as bad as u, but maybe a bit better i guess. =D

2. Syafrizal - June 17, 2007

Haha I don’t want to help Paris Hilton escapes jail. Let her be la heheh

3. Minci - June 17, 2007

wah wah wah.. ber’eksen’ plak dikau yer..

she’ll be out soon anyway..

4. daju - June 17, 2007

jarang maen games..
neopets…i know boleh addicted maen neopets tuh kan..
my sis smgt..

5. nautilusiv - June 19, 2007

jarang main game online kecuali nak beat kengkawannyer rekod. Aku main game yahoo mysterycasefile ravenherst aje.
Selebihnya more to PS2 dan PC lebih kepada Football Manager.. Pheww

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