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:: Cetusan :: June 19, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Otakku menggila lagi.

All of a sudden I got a business idea. However, it would take a lot of courage to do it. AND a bit of money to start off. Maintenance to think about. I wonder if it is worth it. Hurmm…

There’s a demand for sure. HOusemates? 😉



1. D - June 19, 2007

I’m all for business that makes money… Go Minci Go!!

2. jet - June 19, 2007

apeka in ur mind..anything that’ll make me six pence richer, i’ll consider..haha

3. nautilusiv - June 20, 2007

discourage…. not feasible enough… if the picture speaks la

4. Nur Amirah Shaharom - June 20, 2007

Minci nak wat bisnes ape ekh?

5. kaSyah - June 20, 2007

yo..menatang ape kat gambar tu?

ko nak buat fotostat ke? haha

6. Minci - June 20, 2007

hahaha… cetusan sudah berakhir… 😛

7. xazuru - June 21, 2007

jgn putus asa! just teruskan jer.. org business, mesti ada naik turunnya 🙂

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