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:: Love cures people :: June 20, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Love and Relationship.


Love is blind.

Husband and wife with a newborn child. One being Normal and the other Mentally Challenged. You would think that Normal is either ugly, an idiot or from a low socioeconomic class. Normal turned out to be one blessed with very good looks, clever and well-off. It shows from the baby pram, wedding pictures, the way Normal speak and the clothes Normal wear. Normal together with in-laws visit MC every day eventhough MC was on sedation.

Yesterday, MC awoke from the deep slumber. Normal was happy. Everyone was happy.

Today, we saw Normal together with Baby beside MC. Normal was affectionate to MC and called MC ‘Darling’ and ‘Sweetheart’. Normal had no fears or embarassment making it known to all of us. From the look of everyones faces while doing the rounds, I guess we were all awed by the beautiful sight and gesture.

“Love cures people – both the ones who give it
and the ones who receive it”



1. coops - June 20, 2007

u make me smile, minci. love is beautiful and yes, i am so much in love. so, do u think it’s time for baby? hehe.

2. nautilusiv - June 21, 2007

the word LOVE is acronym for many other words. Trust, Understanding, Cool, Calm, etc etc etc…. Of course the Normal love will last as the spouse has not a lot to say. Not like ladies nowadays, talk here and there; lebih banyak cakap lebih banyak silap, lebih banyak silap lebih banyak hati yang sakit, kan?

3. kaSyah - June 21, 2007

yup… aku sangat suka melihat kalau couple seperti ini. Mungkin salah seorang MC, blind, lumpuh, bisu,pekak… sori to say la… aku dapat rasakan mereka lebih bahagia even banyak cabaran jika mahu hidup bersama. Mungkin betul..cabaran buatkan cinta itu lebih hebat.

Sangat jarang terjumpa couple spt ini. Kekadang aku fikirkan aku patut sangat2 bersyukur coz aku ni normal. aku mahu selami juga perasaan mereka yang kurang berupaya. Entahlah… walaupun aku laki aku menangis tgk drama Jepun Beautiful Life (Takuya Kimura & Takako Tokigawa).

Aku tak mengerti adakah ini perasaan simpati..ini perasaan mahu melindungi..ini perasaan cinta.. aku mahu mereka itu tahu masih ada golongan yang sayang dikau.

sis, sori gile. aku terover emosional.-lari topik-

aku harap couple kat atas tu makin berbahagia dgn kelahiran baby cute tu. kim salam kt dorang. 😀

4. Minci - June 21, 2007

well dear.. I THINK IT IS!!! hahaha.. excited..

haha.. nice what got ladies yang byk cakap.. radio free.. tv free..

sweet kan org cam nih. you know what.. I might make an entry one day about my uncle who is deaf and mute. pretty interesting , I have to say.

5. kaSyah - June 21, 2007

im waiting for that. 😀

6. Just A Lady~ - June 21, 2007

yes… love heals and cures… i guess i’m desperately needing a love right now… huhuhu~

7. secret - June 22, 2007

Love cures people, if people get what they love.. not love what they lose
Love cures people, if people love..not apologize
Love cures people, if people give you what you seek
Love cures people, if people don’t let it go
Love cures people, but not me who are yet to grow
Love cures people, if littlehealer never became a littledissapointer
Love cures people.. yeah.. you are right

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