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:: Tourdates :: June 21, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

tourdates.Co.UK, Britains fastest growing new music website, has launched a chart for unsigned bands.

The site allows new bands to upload promotional tracks, announce gig dates and create profiles to promote themselves alongside major artists such as the Artic Monkeys and The Twang.

Tourdates Jarrod Robinson says, there are some fantastic unsigned bands in the UK and we wanted them to know how much our community likes their music, an unsigned chart seemed the perfect answer.

Chart results are announced on the site at 19:00 every sunday, the sametime as the No1 single of the week is announced on BBC’s radio 1.

I had a look at the website and obviously I have never heard of all the bands. Well, that is the idea of having this site, right? Acquiring new taste! Registration is 100% free and because it is an unsigned chart with free music downloads, I decided to click on one track. My pick for today was You Crush Me by Be My Valentine.



1. xazuru - June 21, 2007

that is a good website to have…

2. nautilusiv - June 21, 2007

apa la lagu dipilih si minci ni. nanti aku cuba dengo n komen

3. coops - June 21, 2007

i checked out few songs..sexy la suara diorang. jatuh cinta pulak gue. hehe.

4. Minci - June 21, 2007

yerp.. it’s good. maybe we should have one in Malaysia.or maybe there is one already..x-fresh.. No?

oh.. aku mmg pelik

sexy? which singer is this? *drool*

5. Syafrizal - June 22, 2007

Do they under the Creative Commons too?

6. daju - June 22, 2007

not sure bout x-fresh..tp diorg nye ad ade yg ckp “support band2 independent malaysia”..hehh..

kak min..do ppl kt UK crazy bout Alistair Griffin? bru je tau..and so far, i like most of his songs.. 🙂

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