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:: First day of my life :: June 24, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Music Reviews.

Bright Eyes’ music video for their song “First Day Of My Life” of their 2005 album I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning.

So if you wanna be with me
With these things there’s no telling
We’ll just have to wait and see
But I’d rather be working for a paycheck
Than waiting to win the lottery

Besides, maybe this time it’s different
I mean I really think you like me




1. kaSyah - June 25, 2007

Beautiful song!!

ada perbezaan besar antara yang mendengar seorang diri dan yang mendengar berdua. mereka lebih ceria. berkongsi sesuatu yg ‘beautiful’ dgn yg tersayang suatu yg indah.

2. Puteri Nad :-( - June 25, 2007


3. coops - June 25, 2007

so shweet..love is what we all need. *wink*

4. Puteri Nad :-( - June 25, 2007

apsal x kuar lak komenanku itu..

5. Minci - June 25, 2007

yes.. song so nice.. I like too

komenan apa ok.. i dah check spam box.. tkder plak… mungkin masih ditapis.. miahaha

LOVE is fundamental to the well being of human beings.. even if it’s LOVE towards gaming or animals etc.. 😛

6. jet - June 25, 2007

hoo..like the song..ala-ala kings of convenience..oh, hell..i like u too..hahahhaha..

7. daju - June 25, 2007

suke la lagu yg ade guitar nye strumming cmni..
mcm plain white Ts’ “hey there delilah” sweet..

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