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:: My Mandarin :: June 24, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Dream Diary.

I had the most wonderful dream last night but I’d prefer to point out the least important aspect of it.

Part of the dream had me going to the library to borrow a note book. There were many copies of it because these are actually notes written by students themselves. Macam kita buat nota daripada buku text lah. What happens is that students do them for a particular subject, have them shelfed in the library for other students to take out and borrow for their reading. I needed to find one on Geography.

I went to the right section of shelves and instinctively picked one out. I had a look at the name and I’m sure I was smiling in the dream as well when I discovered who the note writer was. It was Mandarin’s workbook and I joyfully brought it to the librarian’s desk to borrow it.

A male Mandarin fish

In real life..

Mandarin was this guy I sorta fancied back in Mara Banting. Without going in too much detail for fear of him being *recognized, I guess I first liked him since orientation week. Matilah 2 tahun pendam perasaan. Tapi takde lah suka giller sampai nak jadikan dia BF ok. Minat tengok jer. :mrgreen:

*if too many people know.. I die OK..

I don’t really know what ‘attracted’ me to him. Maybe it’s his skema aura. He goes to class  early. He stays back in the afternoon for a few minutes or so. He listens attentively (unlike me) to the ceramah in the surau and sits at the same spot every time. He is always in a long sleeve shirt AND a tie. Very rarely is he in a short sleeve shirt. He’s not handsome. Oh.. sukahatinya I komen. He is nice to look at though. He has this confident stride in his walk but not like a particular guy who ‘depa’ kan his arms too much. His short hair was neat and his face is neatly groomed everyday. Only once or twice did I see him not shave those little janggut and misai hair. And his smile.. alalalala… so lah.. hmphhhhhhhhhhhh… sweet. HA HA HA.. gelak samseng

He was one of the reasons that made my stay in the horrible college of Banting worthwhile. He made me want to have my breakfast so I could see him having breakfast too. From far that is. I’d finish mine quicker so I could reach my class earlier and see him arrive to his (his class was next door). But of course, everytime he passes my class, I’ll pretend to be engrossed in my reading or something. My heart would leap with joy if he had on a shirt which was the same colour as my baju kurung. I even went into the trouble of making sure I have a ‘stock’ of blue baju kurung to be worn on Fridays because I know he has a blue baju melayu. Too bad I don’t have a black baju kurung to match the black one he wears on alternate weeks. I just have to make do with a black tudung. lalalalala~~

Giller kan?

I call him Mandarin not because he looks orange or anything. It’s just that I was eating an orange when I finally thought I should give him some sort of pseudonym. Ha ha.. few of the girls in my class knows about my obsession and they’d be hollering,

“Minci.. minci..it’s Mandarin..quick…”

when they spotted him walking past. Eish.. very kepochi lah diorg nih. I would then feel myself going red, my heart beating all over the place. Dang! I know he’s doing well right now because I know where he is and who his girlfriend is. Eh, ye ker? Matilah stalker harmless.

The point is I haven’t got anybody to stalk lately. I had one for the first few years I was here. When ‘we were apart’, I conveniently had a BF, so there wasn’t a need to prey on anybody. Hurmm.. maybe as a change, I should stalk a guy online. 😆 Wakakakakaka~~ Yang nyata, bukan kalian semua.



1. forumer - June 24, 2007

Salaam alaikum

Minci ni ske sangat bermimpi yerr, hehe, baguslah tuuu, tambah pengalaman
pape pn tq krn kongsi citer mimpi2 nih, tp ada gak mimpi yg x bole dikongsi kan?? paham2 laa yerr 🙂

Slmt belaker

2. Minci - June 24, 2007

Waalaikum salam forumer,
oh.. faham.. tapi saya tak mimpi cam tuh lah semalam.. eish.. dikau ini.. ketuk jugak kang.. miahahaha~~

3. Que - June 24, 2007

muahaha aku akan membuat analasia scr terperinci … akan dikomen esok OK… (matiler)

4. Minci - June 24, 2007

argh… alamak.. aku lupa dikau klasmet aku..
tapikan.. kalo ko dah discover sapa dia kan.. jgnlah KEBABOOM sebut nama dia kuat2 kat sini.. 😛

5. Puteri Nad :-( - June 24, 2007

kakmin ..
the “dream” guy nak panggey aper?
lama x dengar beritanya tho..ada tak dia mengkontek??

6. Danial - June 24, 2007

lawak sey….first time dgr citer i-think-i-like-him-so-i-stalk-him. sebelum ni cume citer2 i-think-i-like-her-so-i-stalk-her…hihihi

7. hafiz - June 25, 2007

wonder who is Mandarin…kena ingat balik time Banting ni…

8. daju - June 25, 2007

we all pn ade bagi2 name time in intec dulu..haha..
so that xobviousla kann..tp lame2 org tu tau gakk..

9. kaSyah - June 25, 2007

aiyo.. kenangan lama tak kesampaian…hoho.

10. nautilusiv - June 25, 2007

I think you are the reincarnation of me la minci. Except that I am not yet died, that is.
While I was there, I fancied this little cute girl across my class as well. She wore ungu mostly. It is so obvious that the whole class would turn their faces towards me when she pass through. Even the lecturers suspect sumthin. I went to dewan makan for prep where she oftenly prep as well.
But I put it to end when I made the step to approach her as the CLEAR signal was given.Hahahah.. and happily ever after sehinggalah 2002 that keep us a part. The end of 8 years relationship. Lately, I heard that dia dah dapat anak dah and living separately with her husband as part-time wife. pity her….

11. cikgureza - June 25, 2007

ever wonder if the same vice versa thing happened to you last time? or perhaps in present time? hihihihi..
only Allah knows…

12. dbi - June 25, 2007

minci…minci…u can stalk me…..

13. Puteri Nad :-( - June 25, 2007

tengok2 cik hafiz sendre..kekekeke

14. Danial - June 25, 2007

waa…..(tidak bisa mengucapkan sepatah kata dek tergamam membaca kisah kisah pengunjung blog)

15. shutterspeaks - June 25, 2007

i like this entry a lot. when people in love, it shows. the love feeling is really nice.

16. jet - June 25, 2007

hoo..jadila stalker..bes wo..aku pon da lama x buat..pehtu leh angan2 kosong kan..aku pon nak cr satu la yasmin..tapi tatau katne..demn~

17. Minci - June 25, 2007

tkder OK dia kontek I..I pun tk rela.. geli apabila diingat kembali..
oh.. kisah spt diriku mestilah ada.. ngeh ngeh ngeh
erkkk? nih lagi sorang budak banting.. arghhhhhh
what kind of names do you give ah? curious I.. hihi

18. Minci - June 25, 2007

honestly.. aku tk nak sampai pun.. bikin hati I resah sajer tau.. woohoo

wah wah.. main2 reincarnation pula.. hehe.. wow.. 8 years.. lama tuh.. tapi comel plak apabila affair diketahui lecturer

ermm.. i dare not think.. nanti i blush2.. ha ha

u hensem ker doc? ahaha… tk nakler.. u dah ada bini.. 😛

takkan ok.. krn kelas mr hafiz bukan sebelah mine.. eh.. ker hafiz nih my klasmet.. matilah tk tau sape.. haha

but then kan.. i am NOT IN LOVE tau.. itu kenangan dulu2 sajer

jom kita stalk SHO ker.. SPR ker…. huahuahua

19. Puteri Nad :-( - June 25, 2007

motif kakmin
maka terus declare cik apiz sebagai mandarin [tanpa segan silu]

20. jet - June 25, 2007

x bes a stalk omputeh..xle lebih2..aku lak jnis kalu stalk, drastik melampau..ngeheh..nanti dia call polis cmane?kena anta balik msia tau tak..?miahahah..

21. Que - June 25, 2007

terus menanya, yg sll datang awal adalah farid…. takkan le ko stalk farid… tapi aku rasa aku tau sape ok… rasa nye mamat tinggi melampai ittu, if not the one with bulu kening bersambung …….

sila lah stalk Yuz kat Manchester tuh …….

22. Minci - June 25, 2007

bukan ok bukan

yer tk yer jugak..

ahahaha.. nk tergelak pliss… ko ingat ada satu kelas jer ke sebelah kelas kita.. dan MOTIF sgt aku nk stalk FARID???? 😛 oh.. tk kuasa nk stalking Yuz, nanti dia perasan.. haha

23. faqir - June 26, 2007

Salam. I’m new here. nice blog you have. School memories are always beautiful, isn’t it?

24. Que - June 26, 2007

terus mati akal…. tapi sape huh? dah pon orientation week, pastilah m019 and m018 sajer…. or else ko menstalk bebudak acc and engineering (tapi kelas diorang bukan lah sebelah)

25. Minci - June 26, 2007

kelas kita kan berpindah randah… miahaha

salam faqir,
slmt dtg.. 🙂

26. Puteri Nad :-( - June 26, 2007

cepat la abang khaliqok..
why so the very unsherlock holmes ni~

27. cynthiablue - July 5, 2007

That is a very interesting dream! What a great idea, a library like that. 🙂

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