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:: Look for Madeleine :: June 25, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Current Events.

Lots of kids go missing everyday. Each with their own fate. Some raised by their kidnapper, others made to be child-beggars, a few trafficked as sex-workers and the unfortunate ones die in the hands of child molesters – only to be discovered buried in an abandoned piece of land.

Madeleine’s disappearance from her room made headlines in the UK for quite some time and caught people’s attention worldwide. Suspects were detained and at one point Madeleine’s parents, the McCanns were accused of being involved with the kidnapping itself. Celebrities chipped in triyng to make an effort by not only broadcasting television appeals for the return of Madeleine but also making contributions to the monetary reward. Today, donations from the kind-hearted public has raised up to more than £800, 000 for The Madeleine’s Fund.

The latest celebrity sighted to have jumped into the bandwagon was Robbie Williams as he wore an appeal T-shirt during a boxing event in Las Vegas.

It is a difficult time for not only the McCanns but also to other parents around the world as they inevitably re-live the memories of having to lose/part from their child. Perhaps the McCanns were wrong to leave their children unsupervised while having dinner at a nearby restaurant but now is not the time to punish them. Let us all Look for Madeleine ; Leaving no stone unturned.



1. Puteri Nad :-( - June 25, 2007

kiyutnyr fis..
no wonder..
dia ekceli dak portugis ke british?

2. pluginbaby - June 25, 2007

i thought that she was wearing a chelsea jersey in the first place.. lol

3. shutterspeaks - June 25, 2007

she really is cute. once u r a parent, thing like this is a great-great-great nightmare. Even losing sight of your children in shopping complex for a moment can make your heart stop.

And £800, 000, whoaa.. That’s a lot man…

4. Minci - June 25, 2007

she’s british.. mak ayah dia dokto kalo tk silap..kiyut kan.. sbb tuhlah org jahat berkenan…
oh no.. 🙂

yup.. byk sgt.. ibarat high-profile kidnapping

5. nautilusiv - June 26, 2007

minci pun kiut gak.. tapi kenapa takde org nak kidnap?
( pena’akulan salah atau kenyataannya salah) kui kui kui

6. emma - September 21, 2007

hi madeleine

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