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:: Smoke Chokes :: June 26, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

Imagine that cheesy thing sitting in your arteries. Blood cannot go through to the heart. Your heart stop pumping cause there’s no ‘fuel’. You die.

Some smokers think that;

  • dying from smoking carries the same risk as being hit by a car. ‘people die anyway’, they thought. Well.. if you could add an average of 16 years to your life.. don’t you think it’s better to quit. Besides, death by car is an accident. Death of lung cancer? You only have yourself to blame. 

  • they’re doing a favour to other people/children by smoking outside the house. Recently, a young father who did just that passed away leaving his wife and children. He didn’t get to see them grow up. Love your family.

  • it is okay to be a social smoker. Smoking can be addictive. It ruins not only your health but also your social and financial circumstances. Stop.

  • they look cool. Honestly, you smell and look sick. Your teeth is yellow.

  • they will be able to give up soon. It is harder for some people, so you might want to get help as early as possible. Maybe.. now?

My uncle was quite a heavy smoker. He stopped smoking the cold turkey way for over 10 years now but Mr Cigarette never lets his victims go away that easily. Uncle may have stopped but the smoking he did during his young age still has an effect on his health. If he had knew it’ll come to this.. he might not even think of starting.



1. Danial - June 26, 2007

say TAK NAK people!
my father is a smoker, but none of us, his sons smoke. hahahaha. thanks to our mom. anyway good message u r conveyg ere! =D

2. kaSyah - June 26, 2007

biarkan sahaja mereka dengan dunia mereka. sekali terjebak sukar nak patah balik.penat mulut je aku nasihat,

okay mereka kata “duit aku,akunye sukalah”
“okay fine, asap yg berlegar ni jgn satu sedut pun masuk dalam badan aku”

oh..jahatnya mulut aku, jangan merokok ye! 😀

3. coops - June 26, 2007

damn! my dad is a heavy smoker, makes me worry, uhuk. how i wish he cud’ve just listen and get the msg betapa teruknya effect merokok ni 😦

4. Puteri Nad :-( - June 26, 2007

tol tu..
once u had taken up the habit..
sangat susah nak berpatah balik..

jadi kakmin,say to no to rokok ~

5. Syafrizal - June 26, 2007

Well what can i say, more and more people smokes nowadays. Even a hot chick smokes. It is so weird that I’m not a smoker but all of my friends do hehe….
Anyway I want to tell you about my new blog on a new domain. Check it out at Syafrizal.com

6. Minci - June 26, 2007

It is not easy to dissuade people from smoking as they got into the habit for different reasons.. perhaps, as a start.. we could stop first/not start at all and ‘save’ our family members.. then to our friends etc.. 😉

7. nautilusiv - June 27, 2007

Ingat tu Minci jangan isap rokok. Banyak benda lagi dalam dunia ni yang boleh dihisap…kuikui…dadah bukan satu darinya….hihihi

8. shutterspeaks - June 27, 2007

in some countries, they put a picture of rotten lung, heart and et cetera on the box itself. people still buy it. i think what government should do is to associate smoking habit with something yucky like poo.

9. Minci - June 27, 2007

eish.. canne kau tahu aku hisap dadah.. ahaks.. tkderlah… a ah.. boleh hisap lolipop candy

some cigarettes plak ada bentuk lung kat ‘butt’ dia.. pastuh ada buat ashtray bentuk lungs jugak..
hmm.. poo is extreme but have yet to be tried.. 🙂

10. exsmoker - August 28, 2007

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11. exsmoker - September 26, 2007

Hello All,

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