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:: Nani the Bald :: June 29, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Current Events.

Bai Ling

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We do not like to be proven wrong. Well, I for one do not like to be proven wrong. It takes quite a lot of patience, self-control and ego-lowering on my part to hear or read comments left by people saying that you are wrong and bearing the moment as they point out to you things of what should be right. Like what I experienced when I wrote in my previous blog about how I thought doing solat istikharah will not be helpful in helping me make this so called ‘big’ decision some time ago. I fear that I wouldn’t like what Allah would choose for me, I wrote. Nampak tak kejahilan diri di situ?

A dear reader left a comment about how ‘bongkak’ I was to think of it that way but the good part of it was that he illustrated his points beautifully to make me understand what solat istikharah was. I began to understand how wrong I was and I was glad to have being educated on the matter. For us who are less priviledged to not have gone to ‘sekolah agama’ , we should always find answers as to why we are prohibited to do certain things. At the same time, we must question and challenge things that we do not understand and not accept a statement blindly made under the name of religion. Tak naklah terjerumus dalam ajaran sesat pulak, kan? Or terrorism.

The key is to use your head and heart together. The head helps you to think, process the knowledge and take action. The heart is the medium where faith and instincts lie. A ‘place’ I believe hidayah reaches you.

I had wanted to go bald before. Way before Sharifah Amani decided to. (lambatlah cik adik nih.. I dulu tau) It somehow never occured to me that it was wrong. Maybe my housemates knew but didn’t want to upset me.. I don’t know.. but they managed to persuade me to just get a really short haircut that’ll still make me look like a girl.

I am not pious though I long to be but I observe Islam the best that I can because I am a malay BORN in the name of Islam. Undeniably, I do tewas in the hands of Hasutan Syaitan more often than I should. But selagi terdaya untuk melawan, kita lawan lah yer.

Melayu tidak semestinya Muslim, I hear you say? There is no compulsion in religion , I hear you say? Well.. if you are born as a Muslim.. I think you must force it down your throat on your own.

I defended Nani when she cause an uproar with the ‘ I sound stupid when I speak in Malay’ thing because I truly believed that the mass public who condemned, misinterpreted her sayings. but this Nani? All this for a 2-minute scene? I’m sorry… but I do think you are in the State of Wrong for this one.



1. Puteri Nad :-( - June 29, 2007

yeah kakmin u go gal..
it’s haram ekceli except klu berpenyakit..

maka kak nani..sila grow hair balek yeah!
i do love ur acting still

2. kaSyah - June 29, 2007

ohh..ko hampir botak? hurmmm rambut itu sudah tumbuh kembali blom..haha

for this amani botak case..

hey budak botak…ko igt ko bagus sgt. sori aku xsokong lgsung walaupun kalo ko botak ko lg cantik misi2 kt kmbc tu. aku respek gak ko nyer lakonan tapi minta maaf la pasal ko dah rendahkan martabat wanita Islam. cit!

ko igt aku xberani botak? aku pun bole..hahaha

3. Puteri Nad :-( - June 29, 2007

go kasyah!

4. jet - June 29, 2007

hooo..dolu kan, kat sekola ko yasmin, rmi budak2 membotakkan kepala kerana kononnye cool ke ape, aku tatau la kan..tp ironinye, las2 mereka pasti akan direfer kepada ustazah..kenapa ye?nampak tak kejahilan disitu..?[aku tgh suro ko piker neh]

oh..kak nani nk botak pesal..i x bace suratkaba..no..no..botak girl is no good..menjengkelkan dan sedap dibuat sekel kepalanye..sok, when i see u, u cite ye kenapa..haha..mls nak baca snirik..

5. Puteri Nad :-( - June 29, 2007

sbb dia nak berlakon filem baru tajuk muallaf..

6. Minci - June 30, 2007

miahahaha..silalh botakkan kepala..

tgklah citer muallaf for me first.. n then if best only i see

tk pernah plak aku dgr org kena refer ke ustazah..kpd cikgu disiplin tuh adalah…aku ingat mcm pengaruh skinhead ker.. punk ker..huahuahua

7. jet - June 30, 2007

tade..ade refer ustazah gak..kire pakej la..lepas jupe cikgu disiplin..miahaha..

8. Aput - July 5, 2007

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Allah is oft-Forgiving, and people should just stop being hypocritical.

I’ll admit it, though, your entry here shows that temptation is the main cause, saying that you yourself wished to shave your hair off.

Perhaps the temptation was too great for her.

If we were to look from hadith and laws in regards to our religion, she is truly out of bounds. However, I would also point out there are many more things that we do that are even further out of bounds that what she has done.

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