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:: Kawaii factor :: July 1, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Just For Fun.

Kawaii = cute 

Back in secondary school, one particular ‘wisdom’ circulated among the students. If you want to look pretty, stand among the ugly. I suppose the same goes for if you want to ‘look tall.. stand among the oompa lumpas’ and ‘if you want to be saints.. stand among the devils’ Haha~ So, if you want to be cute.. who do you stand among?

Scientists who study the evolution of visual signaling have identified a wide and still expanding assortment of features and behaviors that make something look cute: bright forward-facing eyes set low on a big round face, a pair of big round ears, floppy limbs and a side-to-side, teeter-totter gait, among many others.

Cute cues are those that indicate extreme youth, vulnerability, harmlessness and need, scientists say, and attending to them closely makes good Darwinian sense.

Minci says : Like the penguins in Happy Feet, Doraemon etc. Extreme youth? oohh.. reminds me of……. myself.  Miahahaha…

New studies suggest that cute images stimulate the same pleasure centers of the brain aroused by sex, a good meal or psychoactive drugs like cocaine..

Minci says : erkk? ohh.. i need to see lots of cute images then to make me happyyyyy….

Enjoy the full length article here.

More where this comes from ..




1. Danial - July 1, 2007

whenever i heard d word ‘cute’ i cant help but to think of…. anime girls and babies and cats

2. xazuru - July 2, 2007

first of all, I think that “cute = comel” but “not all comel x= cute” & comel is a subset of cute.. “comel ( cute”. haks… coz in some negeri, (terengganu, kelantan and pahang).. comel is considered “pretty” but not cute. this brings me to a simple question.. “what is the word that kelantanese, terengganunians and pahangites use to bring the meaning of cute??”. dear littlehealer, I hope you can answer that for me… ughh ughh.. (patient)

3. Danial - July 2, 2007

comey, dokpong, kiuk. (cute in ganu n klate, most of the young trgnians, klantanese use dis word, i dunno bout d pahangites). err, i have pr kat trg, x pe la eh nk jwb? =P

4. shutterspeaks - July 2, 2007

try cuteoverload for overload of cuteness.

i believe one blogger sell those special contact lens for bigger round eyes = instant cute.

5. Nur Amirah Shaharom - July 2, 2007

Oloh tomeynyooo…

6. coops - July 2, 2007

“i need to see lots of cute images then to make me happyyyyy….”

i think u’re cute sbb whenever i look at ur eyes (pix la of cosh), i mesti happy 😉

7. Syafrizal - July 2, 2007

Heheh cute? Can I say I’m cute? Who else want to praise me if not me? Heheh

8. WaWa - July 2, 2007

my trademark: comel, baik hati & berbakat.

9. Minci - July 2, 2007

oh.. jawablah..aku tk kisah pun sbb aku tk tau..haha

oh..i join community Cuteable kat dlm MyBlogLog.. oso got many cute stuff..mostly merchandise lah..


ahahahaha.. terus tergelak angkat kepala dgn penuh meriahnyer..

ah yer lah yerlah.. tdia pun cute jugak.. tk kuasa gitu..ahaha

oh gosh.. muntah pliss… hahahaha.. jes kidding 😉 Wawa bukan sahaja comel, baik hati dan berbakat malah berjiwa besar serta disukai ramai.. huahuaua

10. lucretciaiv - July 3, 2007

bahaya tul… kalu betul minci ni cute, dah tentu berjaya meng’aroused’kan beberapa insan bernama lelaki disekeliling mu…huhuhu

11. myperodua - July 3, 2007

hehe.. korang ni puji2 ni.. ada udang di sbalik batu ker??

12. Minci - July 3, 2007

eishh.. apsallah namamu ini sgt kompleks utk ditaip.. letakler ‘lucret’ jer ker, ‘etci’.. mahupun ‘aiv’.. hahahaha.. ohh.. tk byk lelaki kat sekeliling aku nih.. ahahaha..

diorg nk jadi udang sebalik mee.. nanti bolehlah mereka sumer dimakan.. hihihi

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