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:: Burning the midnight oil :: July 3, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

I will be burning the midnight oil again tonight. I’d rather do this than lying in bed trying to get that sleep but ended up worrying about… stuff. I have been slavering on this report eversince last week. Kept changing the contents and truly if this doesn’t got well with my supervisor, I would be devastated. But as the saying goes, ‘pandai buat, pandai tanggung’. Merasalah the effect of procrastination. Good thing is, this is not a last minute job. Just trying to meet my personal deadline. heh

.tick tock.

So, preparation;

1. Good playlist

2. No coffee but a nice glass of water ( I’m still giving room for sleep to take place)

3. Doors wide open. Just in case the people upstairs who stays-up too gets a bit lonely and need someone to bug. Ha ha. Plus, I need the fresh air.

4. Set up alarm on handphone for I fear I might doze off unexpectedly.

5. Stream Naruto-Kun and let it load to serve as my ‘break’ entertainment.

Let the fun begin. :mrgreen:



1. kaSyah - July 3, 2007

goodluck for ur report.huhu…

yay…naruto-kun..naruto-kun sexy no jutsu….haha

2. lucretciaiv - July 3, 2007

buat jangan tak buat. let me dodi u to sleep. hahahah

3. iphonebeep - July 3, 2007

good luck minci!!! don’t give up!!!

4. coops - July 3, 2007

gud luck babe 😉 jgn mimpi naruto pulak eh.

5. Nur Amirah Shaharom - July 3, 2007

Wah, the preparation sound much more interesting than the report. hehe! Especially the last one la.. Naruto!! Well, I do not really watch naruto, and sometimes, I cant get what’s going on while watching the series with my brother and keep asking him why this and why that =D
Tapi enjoy lah!
Knoe what minci, i always used movie yang takut2 (horror) for my ‘break’ entertainment. Sebab lepas tu mesti takut nak tutup lampu dahhh.. so bleh stay up smpai btoi2 ngantuk ;p

6. shutterspeaks - July 3, 2007

Minci, good luck with your report. wow, you have personal deadline and trying your best to meet it. good good.

bagus betul idea Nur Amirah Shaharom tuh, mungkin boleh dipraktikkan.

7. Minci - July 3, 2007

WAKAKAKAKA… nak mulakan dgn satu gelakan yg terbahak2 pliss..
TERIMA KASIH sgt2 di atas sokongan anda TAPI kan .. I kecundangler..
ter’telentang’ ibarat kain sembahyang kat atas katil.. konon nk baring sekejap..tapi end up tido sampai kol 10 pagi..

end result.. repot tk siap lagi dan tkleh nk hanta waktu tgh hari as hoped.. hahahaha.. nasib baik tk war2 kat supervisor mcm budak cemerlang.. kalo tk malu jer
so, we’ll see how it goes from here…
oh.. coops I tak mimpi Naruto, mimpi pasal repot I jer.. and amirah, tips horror movie tuh sgt menarik..haha

8. jet - July 3, 2007

demn..pesal aku tak pena ikot dateline ni..dateline aku da abes las week da..tp still di takuk lama 1000 words sajor..miahah..sgt x berdisiplin..

9. Syafrizal - July 3, 2007

Doing report? Wow.. that is time consuming and tiring too. I hate doing reports.

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11. Noissiots - November 29, 2007

Have you ever dreamed of stripping away the layers of body fat surrounding your midsection or thighs, but never really knew where to begin?

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