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:: Let love flow :: July 3, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Love and Relationship.

Kerana Kasihku Masih Kisah.. Aku Tegar Di Sini..

Credit to Gyulag

You feel LOVE and not think LOVE. The love for God, the prophets, families and friends. Fiends too if you have a big heart. LOVE has no template nor is it explained in an E-book of how it should feel. It is a personal experience that everyone is capable of.

Yet you must first learn to not hold back. Let it flow.




1. Syafrizal - July 3, 2007

Love have a wide and broader meaning. It is what we experience it in life.

2. chika - July 3, 2007

you can almost interpret LOVE as anything and as everything.

3. D - July 3, 2007

it’s flowing, can’t you see??? or are YOU holding back?

4. lucretciaiv - July 4, 2007

payah tul orang yang dilamun cinta ni…. nak war warkan tapi terasa malu le tu

5. kaSyah - July 4, 2007

kerana kasihku masih kisah.


1.adakah kasih ko masih mengenang seseorang yg penah hadir?

2.perlukah ko menanti suatu yg tak pasti?

3.kenapa makin ‘menarik’ ayat ko skrang?

4. adakah ko tgh demam?huhu


6. shutterspeaks - July 4, 2007

banyak yang berkarat yer skrg ni, musim agaknya.

previously, learn to live without him, and now let the love flow, let it flow dude, don’t hold it back, as long as ko tak hanyuttt….

listening to cascada: ready for love – klubbingman remix ver

7. coops - July 4, 2007

love is definitely a very gud feeling.
and it hurts too, yeah, when u let it flow..

8. Giacomo - July 4, 2007

love, sometimes, is overrated… (not hating love but try seeing it in another way)

9. Minci - July 4, 2007

syafrizal + chika + giacomo,
well of course, u cud never define it and put a value to it.. and we do see them differently.

kak D,
u r very suspicious… u sound suspicious..

ayayayaya… aku jiwang sket dikatakan bercintan.. tak ok takkkkkkkkkk

hmm.. aku rasa hormon aku tgh tunggang langgang, tapi a ah..Nombor 1

terus nk carik lagu tuh.. sbb nk dgr sekali..haha

‘Love the heart that hurts you,
But never hurt the heart that loves you’

10. lucretciaiv - July 4, 2007

Hmm.. ye lah… asalkan bahagia….:)

11. Syafrizal - July 4, 2007

Minci, let’s trade blog review on reviewback.

12. Minci - July 4, 2007

oh yeah.. i just received ur email.. okie dokie.. 🙂

13. dinswok - July 4, 2007

Love….. i dunno. Sometimes I was being skeptic about this kind of thing. But now I don’t. Lalalala~

14. Syafrizal - July 6, 2007

But you need to accept my request on ReviewBack

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