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:: My weekend :: July 8, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Weekends have never been so great especially after a day out with my friends yesterday. Circling China Town and roaming Trafford Centre before finally settling down to a nice meal at Kebabish restaurant. The beriyani and roast baby chicken were splendid. Cost £5.oo and £2.99 each. To top it all off, a jug of Mango Lassi shared between us. Yum yum.

I also managed to do a bit of shopping myself, house groceries included. Bottles of Habhal soysauce, Oyster sauce, Mae Ploy ,Maggi’s Chilli Sauce, 2 packets of maggi asam laksa and a can of Pearl Milk Tea.

There was a Sale at HMVs and I bought a few DVDs to add to our DVD shelf – Four Brothers, Shakespeare in Love, Ice Age Pack and Shaun of the Dead. Clothing-wise , a new pair of white jeans from Dorothy Perkins!!  One rule applies to me about shopping, if you like it so much.. buy it. It’ll be tough chance to find something as gorgeous like that next time. More importantly, something nice that fits perfectly.

Hurray for the weekend. Next, I have to shop for a new pair of contact lenses. 🙂



1. coops - July 9, 2007

wow, gr8 weekend! bestnya. minci, talking about dvds..mm..y dun u tolong i belikan dvds..menarik tu 😉

2. D - July 9, 2007

Shopping is always great fun, eh? Especially when you have money to splash out!! That was a very productive weekend you had, ending up with so many ‘products’! LOL.

3. shutterspeaks - July 9, 2007

“Bottles of Habhal soysauce, Oyster sauce, Mae Ploy ,Maggi’s Chilli Sauce, 2 packets of maggi asam laksa and a can of Pearl Milk Tea.”

they have these there? 2 packets only? Cukup ke hehehe

4. Minci - July 9, 2007

u nk DVd apa.. 😛

kak D,
hoho.. 4 ur info kan.. i actually used credit card

ada.. kat chinatown

5. kaSyah - July 9, 2007

four brothers soo coolll!! oh kat sane ade jual Habhal kicap? cap kipas udang ke?

6. Que - July 9, 2007

itu kedai woo sang sangat menarik!

7. mixterr - July 10, 2007

aku da tgk cite tu dulu.. tp dah lupe da jln cite dier.. dieorg bergaduh sesama adik beradikkan.. last² bersatu semula..entah la lupe la.. sane susah tak carik mknan halal…??

8. Minci - July 10, 2007

kasyah + mixterr,
tkderlah senang giller.. ibarat masuk tesco boleh beli.. tapi kira adalah tempat2 yg boleh kita gi utk mendapat kannya.. haha.. ohh.. citer Four Brothers sgt kelaka.. I like.. mcm selamba giller..

kan? kan ? kan?

9. daju - July 10, 2007

ur rule tuh mmg sgt la btol..
i need a pair of sandal..
then pg mall ade la satu ni very nice and affordable..
few days pg balek dh xde 😦

10. Just A Lady~ - July 11, 2007

i tak tgk lagi 4 brader tu… best ka?
one thing for sure yg best~~~~ shopping~!!!!

11. Minci - July 11, 2007

yes… its a good rule tapi for shopaholics..itu bahayalah kan.. ha ha

kak syifa,
tgklah… best jugak..

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