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:: Diseases of Love :: July 9, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Love and Relationship.

Though Love is something you feel, it can have physical manifestations. A pregnant mother’s glow as a sign for the love of her child, the smell of a man’s deodorant for the love of his gf who complains of his tengik smell, the cleanliness and good gestures of a person for the love of his/her God, a teacher’s good health for the love of his/her students so he/she may come to school to teach these eager young minds.

Positive Love brings on a Positive state of physical health and mind. What sort of manifestations can one get if they experience Negative Love? Love that is too many or too little. Or Love that is lost. Too name a few;

Love too Much
1 – Type 2 diabetes. High cholesterol.
2 – Kidney Failure. Anorexia nervosa. Bullimia.
3 – Sexually transmitted disease. HIV.

Love too Little
1 – Dangerous smoking behaviour. Stroke.
2 – Emanciation.

Love that is lost
1 – Depression
2 – Schizophrenia

What do you think the scenario behind each disease is? Any other conditions worth knowing about?

Speaking of Love and a junkie for Indonesian tracks at the same time… please be an angel and send me any one of these tracks if you have them. It is very much appreciated. and of course, I welcome any other Indonesian songs that you think I will like. Trimass. The server that provides the service to extract videos from Youtube has been busy all the time!!

1. Sultan – Aku Bukan Untukmu

2. The Milo – Sianida

3. Stinky – Kau adalah kenangan

4. Ada band – Setengah hati

5. Dewa 19 – Dewi

6. Dygta – Bukan kekasih Setia

7. Naif – benci untuk mencinta

8. Tiket – Kuberikan Segalanya kat blog abah.

Please leave a comment saying that you will be sending them to me. This is to prevent multiple email of the same song from different senders.

My email is:



1. Nur Amirah Shaharom - July 9, 2007

Min… HuHu! Nak nanges!!! I cant log in to blogger. cant update my blog =(

2. abah - July 9, 2007

Minci… the easiest way to find all this indo mp3…is by typing – (name of the song).mp3 and put “multiply” at the end of yur search in google. Pasti dapat seh 🙂

Indonesian ramai yg share mp3 ikut multiply 🙂

3. Minci - July 9, 2007

oh sgt kesian ok..

wow.. wow… bestnyer.. terus nk cuba

4. shutterspeaks - July 9, 2007

So, for healthy live, what kind of love do we need? doc.

i’m sending u dewi by dewa.

5. Minci - July 9, 2007

positive love man.. positive love.. hahaha.. belens punya…
thank you!!! dah dpt da lagu!! hahaha

6. enn0suke - July 10, 2007

Indonesian track junkie? hehe… like me and my friends too. i’ve sent stinky, dygta, ada band and naif to your e-mail. enjoy!

p.s: for easier song searching, try registering to multiply and use their search page to search your music. if u wanna use google u could try typing like this : intitle:”index of” +”size” +”description” “song name” +”.mp3″ (yeah, i know it’s kind of hard to remember) 🙂

p.p.s: try tangga-cinta begini, andra & the backbone-dan tidurlah,republik-hanya ingin kau tahu (if u haven’t got them already)

7. Minci - July 10, 2007

ennosuke chan…

thank you thank you thank you…hehehehe
i think i wil take on that advice.. registering to multiply coz wow..that place is like heaven for indonesian tracks

i have listened to Tangga Begini and Hanya Ingin Kau tahu and they’re both great.. i will look in to Andra & the backbone

8. Lucretcia IV - July 10, 2007

Rasanya takyah lah dah kasi. Sume orang dah ksik kan?

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