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:: Persevere :: July 11, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Medical School.

Do Report, Eat report, Drink Report, Sleep Report, Dream Report.

My old room. That black thing on the heater is not underwear, its serkup! 😛

I think everyone is going through the same thing. Having an idea of what to write about but agonizing over the fact of how to pen them down. In this case, how to Word them down. I’ve had several dreams on this project. One that I remember most was of this lady asking to see the consent forms the patients have to sign before they agree being included in my study. Obviously I panicked because in real life, it doesn’t involve such thing but still I flabbergasted my whole way through in the dream. It was then that my housemates come to the rescue, ‘Alah.. like this.. list their names down.. and then just tick by the side’. Waaaa.. boleh ker macam tuh. Thankfully it’s just a dream!

This episode of my life will be over in a few weeks. Then I get to enjoy a 3 weeks holiday before starting my final year. Great!

I’ve got plans. Plans that include reading my piling story books I bought off Amazon, watching Naruto-kun series back to back, repairing my computer (if we do get a rise in our monthly allowance), song recording for Wasaii Studio (silalah browse WS category for previous projects… 1 jer pun..Ha ha) and of course that possible little trip to a place in England with my boyfriend.*

Ok.. who was surprised I got a boyfriend, raise their hands!! Haha.. So Am I! But according to my mother’s witch-doctor, I have one! 😈

I am not the type who believes in bomoh. I acknowledge that traditional medicine can be good. To a certain extent, spiritual healing can be astonishingly helpful. But I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of being handed a tangkal and having a personal invisible bodyguard with me at all times. My bodyguard is supposed to be a man. Fuiyooo.. Haha.. maybe that’s the bf the bomoh talked about. Motif sgt.. you lupa? Gelak guling2 pliss.

I had wanted to bring the matter up and say,’See.. how could you trust a bomoh’s words? I don’t have a boyfriend’ but the conversation never came up. Hmph.. Maybe the bomoh saw I went out with Que Lovelace the other day and thought he was my bf. Tee hee hee. :mrgreen:



1. shutterspeaks - July 11, 2007

raising hand…

the bf is saka or real bf. confused already…. and, :-p need to tell eh that’s not underwear ekekeke

2. jet - July 11, 2007

tell me eh when u really have a boifren..miahaha..sekadar jin boifren aku malas la nk tau..hehe..

dengar kabarnye mau belanja tiket kalu ke bahagian england yang itu..semuga murah rezki kamu dinaikkan elaun..hehe..

3. Minci - July 11, 2007

a ah.. bf saka..

hoho.. kalo aku sedang ber secret affair dgn org yg ada gf boley? matilah dilaknat.. maka aku main2 sajorr..
betullah kabar itu,
maka doakan lah duit elaun naik..

4. nautilusiv - July 12, 2007

elok le kekabokan

5. kaSyah - July 12, 2007

huhu..minci ada boifren…alala… kalo xde pun aku tau ko ada nyer.wakaka.

actually ko tak perasan ko ada boifren sebab ko msh ditutup belum jumpa cahaya die…..kuang2.

alahai..kemas2 la sket bilik tu..huhu

6. Minci - July 12, 2007

apakah maksood kekabokan?

tuhlah.. bf aku ramai kat myspace tuh.. matilah riak.
uiiii.. bilik tuh lagi kemas daripada keadaan bilik aku skrang..

7. coops - July 13, 2007

tak cayala u dun have one 😉 ni mesti jual mahal ni, hehe.

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