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:: A Condom Experience :: July 12, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

My first experience with the WORD CÒndom was in primary school. I spelt Kuntum ( a children’s magazine ) wrongly and wrote Kundum instead. My older cousin gasped and pointed out that what I wrote sounds like ‘this thing men put on their thing when they want to do that thing’. Oohh.. how educational. 😆

During my 1st year here, I worked as a cleaner in a student’s accommodation. I was hoovering the carpets in the living room when  I noticed a lot of colourful stuff in a glass bowl. From far, I thought they were sweets and made a mental note to throw them away afterwards. I cam back to it a few minutes later and saw that they were not sweets but cÖndoms in beautiful wrappers. Out of curiosity, I  had a closer look. Hmm.. a bit different from what I saw in my uncles’ bedroom but still got the same round flattened shape. Wrapper definitely prettier. Don’t remember what brand it was. I was working with another two guys in that place and so they took it home with them. Ha ha. I hope they check for expiry dates before doing anything. Tuwit.. do they have expiry dates?

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1. Nur Amirah Shaharom - July 13, 2007

I remember my friend, about six months before, she went to 7e and found a jar of cute candy-like things at the casher. And she was amazed by the multicolored wrappers of that thing and said “Wahhh!!! Cutenya!”

2. nautilusiv - July 13, 2007

Hahahaha… Nasib baik doesnot melt in your hand but melt in your mouth.. hahahah 🙂

3. Minci - July 13, 2007

ahaha.. I can imagine

mcm coklat M&M kah?

4. Amoun - July 14, 2007


I believe they do have expiry dates!! 😀

5. kaSyah - July 14, 2007

alahai bca kuntum ye kecik2..tah ada lagi ke tak..camne la ko tulis menjadi kundum..haha..lawak 12sx ni

ohh..aku sudah sign up untuk durex condom tester..nanti kalo berjaya aku hebahkan kt blog aku..haha

6. Anand - November 5, 2007

haha lain kali , beli kondom dari kami , mesti experience yang baru


condom malaysia

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