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:: Blog Thurs – 7habitjourney :: July 12, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

About the author: She thinks she’s Not a Somebody, or a Nobody. To me she is yes Not a Nobody, but she is a Somebody. A beautiful 32 year old part time mother of 2 lovely children juggling a full time job. An extroverted career woman who speaks her mind. She is on a quest to not only improve her life but also caring enough to share and motivate other people. Thus, her blog My Personal 7 Habit Journey is born to pen down this journey.

Content: This blog serves as a self-discovery journal as she brings us readers through the changes that has happened in her newly found ‘habit’. I like the way she writes. I could feel her enthusiasm reaching out to me as she talks about her meetings with her friends etc.

The author also has another blog – her travelling blog. Equally informative in its contents with an emphasise more on being a parent. Evident in her blog’s tagline; “To train our younglings to become Padawans against the dark force of the world” – from Disneyland Anaheim.

Layout: Hosted on Blogspot. Easy to navigate. It’s almost certain that you would be greeted by a very soothing piece by Tchaikovsky called Time For Us as you enter this page. So, be sure to check your volume first.


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1. nautilusiv - July 13, 2007

Good thing come in packages. LoL

2. Minci - July 13, 2007

u mean small packages lah kan.. 😉

3. Vasilios - July 29, 2007


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