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:: 5 things to do on a Sunday :: July 15, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Just For Fun.

I have begun to hate Sunday eversince I stepped foot into secondary school. It served as a reminder that ‘Tomorrow I start school’. Saturday became my favourite day back then. But now, my favourite day is Wednesday because it’s like saying, ‘Yay, I’m halfway through the week’.

5 things to do on a Sunday:


1. Eat with your neighbour. Breakfast at the mamak’s stall? A lunch invitation to your house as you cook one of your specials?

2. Perform sunat prayers. Don’t we all have the time now? Which reminds me, Rejab is around THIS corner.

3. Visit a charity home (old folks home/orphanage/battered women) and see what you can do for the residence AND the people who runs the place. Donations, volunteer, highlight their plight somewhere?

4. Watch an interesting documentary. Read articles or books on something different from what you have been exposed to. Google ‘strange books’ or ‘weird books’ for inspiration if you have to.

5. Ermm.. prepare for tomorrow?



What else can I do on a Sunday?



1. Puteri Nad :-) - July 15, 2007


2. kaSyah - July 15, 2007

2. clean the toilet…haha

3. jet - July 15, 2007

3. taip report

4. Nur Amirah Shaharom - July 15, 2007

Just to get you know that, now I am able to use my blogger. So maybe, there will be no update in blogsome. Really sorry..

5. coops - July 16, 2007

shame on me 😦 never occured to my mind to perform sunat prayer. isk isk.

6. D - July 16, 2007

Sunday is a day I let loose…

7. Just A Lady~ - July 18, 2007


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