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:: Idrus :: July 16, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Using wordpress allows you to see what sort of search terms would lead readers to your blog. it never fails to amuse me to see things like ‘puteri gebu’ or ‘hantu masuk Islam’ on the list. I don’t know the IP address in precise but I sure do know it’s from a Malay speaking country. Of course, it’s always nice to see people Googling ‘Minci’ or ‘littlehealer’ or excerpts of my entries to come back here. Who knows if I could get like 50 ‘Minci’ searches a day, I’d consider getting my own hosting. Ha ha.. dreams.

So, to that particular person in search of ‘Hantu Masuk Islam’. I give you Idrus.

According to the person [slyamir] who uploaded this video, the bride has been possessed by a Jin by the name of Idrus. There is a longer version of it here. Further on, slyamir mentioned,

Exorcisms are not to be taken lightly. Besides the tools of the exorcist one must consider the spiritual readiness of the exorciser and his team. Exorcism is not a parlor game. It is tough spiritual warfare with the powers of evil. It is a battle that one can not afford to loose. Do not try this at home. Get a genuine servant of Allah.

“Exorcism” in Islam signifies ridding the human body of jinn possession by means of using halal (permissible) means. The halal means centre around ruqya and it essentially involves reciting the Quran in the presence of the possessed person. There are ahadith (pluaral of hadith) which prove that Muhammad did perform “exorcisms” – i.e. rid human beings suffering from jinn possession and the use of ruqya (Quranic recitations) is not confined to getting rid of jinn but also to heal other ailments.

It may be noted that the exorcism experiences reported after some moments of recitation of the Quran, the possessed human begins to talk in a very different voice and often scary voice (e.g. possessed girl starting to speak in a different language or a very hoarse female voice when the female jinn starts speaking). The recitation of the Quran troubles and burns the jinn possessing the body and so they start “coming clean” so to speak in an attempt to stop the pain they are feeling. When they would recover, they would have no signs of pain or injuries and they would not remember anything from the exorcisms (the screaming, shouting they did, the evil voice they spoke in, etc.), once the jinn leaves the person comes around and does not recollect what went on during the exorcisms.

This next clip on the other hand, is a spoof of Idrus. Eee..berani korang main2.

It is interesting however to see this old clip between Uncle Seekers and Dato Fadzilah Kamsah. Who would you root for?



1. D - July 16, 2007

confirmed la Uncle is a hoax. Go check more on You Tube. I don’t recall what or when, but someone let the secret out, all lies and more lies. Kalau I senang je, yang sibuk carik hantu pesal?? tulah yang ketua hantu namanya!

2. Puteri Nad :-) - July 16, 2007

uncle seeker is so funnee..the way he talks ..dresses..”hantu sgt suka tempat sejuk” bla bla

3. enn0suke - July 16, 2007

seen this video quite some time ago tapi dengar2 keluarga mangsa ni minta sapa2 yg ada simpan video ni utk buang/padam dari komputer. guess it’s quite hard since it’s spreading around the net already.
ada gak satu video tu budak kat satu sekolah kerasukan time Sultan Brunei buat lawatan ke sekolah tu. i don’t have the video anymore tapi video tu agak panjang. try looking at these videos and judge for urself whether it’s real or fake :

seram ker? hehe…

4. Syafrizal - July 16, 2007

Uncle Seeker makes me sick and plus a hoax. My mom said that Uncle actually “bela hantu” to make it appear on his shows. That is sick.

5. kaSyah - July 16, 2007

haha..aku suka benar ngan vklip si idrus tu..kreatif dorang. ‘pakcik menengok’ tu tak betul sket.

6. Minci - July 16, 2007

ya itu dia.. kak D bersore.. hehe

he seems quite absorbed in his own world kan? did you watch the interview he did with Melody? pretty aggressive.

i thought the fallen angel thing was interesting. it’s hard to tell though if it’s fake.

wow.. seriously? eeee

aku dah agak ko mesti suka.. haha

7. nisa - July 16, 2007

Assalamu’alaikum, 🙂

Brothers & sisters we have a great race right now – far more important if you but know. Race to gain good deeds. There are more impressing matters in life – see that hungry kid, he needs to eat. The orphan needs caring. The old needs companion. The sick needs to be tended. The man lying in dust on the streets – he’s human. He needs help.

So. Which deeds do you want in your book to show on Judgment Day? 🙂

The ancient muslims has showed their mettle. They invented many technologies spanning & benefiting for centuries. They’re so useful even after death, it’s so amazing. Yet what did we do? Will we benefit for centuries too. I’m depressed just thinking how far behind I am. Do you?

In this age, if you can’t meet one muslim who inveted something useful for mankind as his/her good deeds to God – as useful as algebra, optics discovery, canon of medicine, mechanical engineering, knowledge transfer & translation – what is with us. & will our grandchildren say. “During the House of Wisdom age, our muslim grandpas are fantastic they revere great scholars. But during 2000 our muslim grandpas, their scholars are… are.. huh. Let me think hard.” :T

BTW the Permian Mass Extinction killed 95% species on earth, way before the dinosaurs. Just saying so you’ll know every time you use resources – fuel, electricity, water – how your actions contributed to the environment. Do you know your own impact to mankind? Think about it. Peace. 🙂

8. jet - July 16, 2007

hoh..uncle riak..masok api melake..hantu suka wanita seksi, yeh?..dialah hantu tu kan?ye..hanya hantu kenal hantu..

9. vangardx - July 17, 2007

tapi part yg dia main2 nyanyi masa mengucap tu aku rasa mcm tak berapa sesuai la..

10. mixterr - July 17, 2007

aku da tgk indrus tu 2 tahun yg lepas.. tp yg second tu baru je tgk.. hampeh tol dieorg ni.. sarung tangan pon nak ikut tp pakai plastik nasi lemak je.. hehehe

11. Puteri Nad :-) - July 17, 2007

ahahha jet..ko kenal antu tak??? *batting eyelids meaningfully*

12. Puteri Nad :-) - July 17, 2007

ker batting eyelashes hoh? hahahahha

13. shutterspeaks - July 17, 2007

korang perasan tak, yg spoof tuh, ujung2 dia ada bunyi kerbau pendek. apa ke bengong mamat2 nih.

14. mixterr - July 17, 2007

bunyi kerbau pendek!! hahahaha ko comment lagi lawak dr spoof tu…

15. Minci - July 17, 2007

yea.. riak masuk api melaka

setuju..amatlah kurang seswai

wahhh.. aku tk perasan plak sarung tgk dia.. giller alert lah ko

lets play baseball.. then can bat2 one.. haha

ahahaha.. tkperasan ok.. terus nk check lagi

16. k.shila - July 19, 2007

well…of course my vote goes to Dato’ hands down…
interestingly enough, our people (Malays) are still obsessed with this kind of thing. Just heard yesterday that the pameran Hantu at one of the local museum collected a hefty RM1.37 million!! Imagine what can we do with that kind of money for people in rural area especially the schools in Saba & Sarawak?

My late uncle was a victim of such beliefs. He was killed by Mona Fandey & her husband. May Allah bless his soul.

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