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:: Curtains nearly closed July 17, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

The days of agressive typing, Zombie nights and emotional tantrums in completing this project will be over soon. Earlier on, I truly had no confidence as to how  well I could survive this part of the module. I guess the trick is to not think too much into the future. Take it one day at a time with a back-up plan to fall back to. I did just that and I’m still sane and breathing today.

A few weeks ago, I hadn’t known how to do an audit and now, I even understand how researches are done. I was oblivious to the world of statistics, Google Scholar, Excel and clinical governance but now not that unmindful. As much as I dislike doing this project and have also made it known to my supervisor, I gained in other things throughout my attachment in the unit. I didn’t say I hated it. I just said I enjoyed working in the unit more than being engrossed in my project. He understood.

Having nearly completed this project, I am actually considering ÇriticΑl Carë as one of my choices of specialities to pursue. I think it’s interesting in its own ways. It would be my mission during the summer break afterwards to find out how the training is etc.


Looking back, I realized that there were some things I could have done better;

  1. I could have used the clinical librarian service to find articles/journals for me instead of having to search for them myself.

  2. Photocopied my proforma under the departments expenses. Besides, I am doing an audit to their benefit.

  3. Research for my topic much earlier than what I’ve done. Probably squeeze in a few days in my busy timetable to spend a few days or so in the unit before the project starts. This is to get a flavour of how the unit is run and look out for the common themes in the unit. I may have done an attachment there last year but it’s always good to refresh your memory.

  4. I had no regrets in choosing this cikgu bius after all although it is best to ask around from the previous batch of students, who is best to have as a cikgu. My cikgu bius has given very useful pointers to my report and presentation. I couldn’t ask for more.

So my friends who are doing the same module/ or have done any sort of long projects, what other tips can you give?




1. hafiz - July 17, 2007

well, I have few tips since I have done my 10 000 word research last semester :). Some of this tips may not be relevant when the date line is near.

1. Don’t leave your project till the eleventh hour 😉
2. Set up few datelines before the actual submission date. For example, set up the date when you should finish the literature review, date for first draft, second draft etc.You will never be able to produce good report in the first draft. Listen to other people comments and read few good article to improve on writing.
3. Always explore the environment of the place before you start doing your report/audit. Check whether the person in charge are helpful or not. If they are too busy or not that helpful, try to change to another unit/department if you can.
4. In term of journals, I usually find the review first. From the review, you can get a lot of useful links to good article 🙂 and more article to add for your references.
5. Discuss with friends/supervisor/seniors on how to approach on writing the report. There are many ways to write a report and few ways to fail too. In my case, I search internet on PhD thesis since my report is quite similar to a PhD thesis albeit a bit shorter.
6. It would be useful if you can search for any past audit/report published by those unit/department. At least, you can get the rough idea on what have been done and ideas for improvement.

2. Minci - July 17, 2007

waaaaaaaaaa.. bagusnyer tip ini.. tapi dah nk abis dah projek ini.. maka hopefully my friend Zy and Miyaki can benefit.

3. Que - July 18, 2007

Hafiiz in Melben (kan???)
Bagus nye tips ko. cheers. KOrang buat projek sampai setahun la kan, sangat hebat.

is critical care med = acute medicine??????
I was attached to acute medicine team for 2 weeks, and I quite loved it. It was an eye opener since ive always been interested in surgery all this while.
Secara perlahan2 my interest in surgery terhakis sbb the only s[peciality am interested in is General surgery. Rasanye surgical training kat mesia involve urology , ent and ortho and opth….. tak minat … (ops melalut)

but yeah, acuite medicine is soooooooooo coool!!!!!!!!!!!!

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