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:: Being petite July 22, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Ponderings.

What does it mean to be short? To walk on the face of the earth as someone less than 5″. Well.. here’s a negative dose of it. Feel free to share your plights as well. Or the highlights as a petite lady. OR maybe being a petite man. On second thought, how short must a man be to be classified as petite? OR as a normal being, do you feel strange looking at someone petite? Ha ha ha 😈

Anyway, here they are:

  • If I rise my chair, my feet kicks aimlessly in the air. No support whatsoever and it drives me crazy. Mad. Like headless chicken on a chair playing extinction.

  • I am the short and little type. Not the short and fat type. I have little feet but they’re not that happy. I find it difficult to find shoes THAT FITS, COMFORTABLE and TO MY TASTE. I want shoes that have heels but not that pointy2 type. I work in a hospital for God’s sake. I’m on my FEET for the whole day. PLus, I have bunions. Comfortable shoes on the other hand, are FLAT!! I don’t want FLAT shoes. Demmit.

  • And since we’ve started on clothes, I can’t find the jeans or pants I LIKE!! They’re all too long and sweeps the floor. The petite range sucks. I want those labuci2 butterfly ones. Hmph..

  • I have to stand on a stool in the operating theatre to see what’s in the abdomen. Still I cannot see!

  • I get mistaken as a 13 year old who has to have my ID checked before I could use my SOLO card. I get the ‘did you steal this card’ look before I was brought in front of the store manager with a security guard by his side. And I’m not even wearing something pink with bling2 accessories to go with it.

  • I have a ‘heavy’ threshold. There’s only so much weight (shopping) I can carry. Worser still if you shop at a store that gives you a very very big bag for a very very small item. haish..rasa macam nak korek idung cashier.

  • I can’t reach the pedals in the car without sliding my seat really front. It’s like French kissing the steering wheel. And the car still looked like it has an invisible driver.

  • The makcik’s say, ‘Eyyy..so small.. can ah become doctor? Afterward you fall inside someone’s body while operating’. In my heart I say this to you ‘Aunty, can ok can.. I’m not becoming a surgeon’

  • Have to request a stranger’s help to get me that thing on the top shelf. ‘Excuse me sir, could you please help me get that chocolate bar?’ Or ‘Excuse me, could you get me that ASDA pizza?’

  • When I order food/takeway at an eatery (eg: Krunchy Fried Chicken, Manchester) with really HIGH counters, they’d be hearing a voice that orders but NOBODY at sight. If I’m lucky, my chin could barely rest on it to say, ‘One spare rib please!’ that is after I tiptoed!

To make us feel better, we hear people say ‘Great things come in small packages’. And to make us feel worse, we hear midgets scream ‘You ungrateful being!’

*Grumpy Mode – I need a real holiday. I apologize for this outburst. It was never in my intention to offend any midgets/dwarfs/trolls/goblins/elves/leprechauns.



1. adiratna - July 23, 2007

kui kui kui… but the aunt’s saying is hilarious though… hahaha… membayangkan minci di dalam perut…??? hmmmphhh…kui kui kui

2. Danial - July 23, 2007

no offense but d first point is really2 funny. hihihihi…
well, how small must a man be to be called petite? 150cm dan ke bawah…
n i think, from my point of view as a so called normal being, seriously, i find petite girl and guy adorable. tp kalau laki bermisai tak aa…=P

3. Minci - July 23, 2007

terus yang terkapai2 ibarat baby besar.. hahahaha

oh..relekslah.. mmg digayakan dgn unsur humor skit entry nih.. ‘playing extinction’ tuh ilhamnya dari Ice Age 2. haha..
ada ker lelaki yg sekecil tuh.. kecik bangat dah tuh.. ahaha.. adorable eh? tp knp dgn misai ok.. terus mcm pelik kah? ya tak ya jugak.. terus teringat ‘butler jam’ dlm citer Beauty and the Beast

4. Danial - July 23, 2007


5. D - July 23, 2007

left a comment here yesterday but must have got swallowed!!

6. kaSyah - July 23, 2007

haha..so funny.

but minci..dont be so worry.. the small you re, the cuter you become. the small you’re, the younger u will look like.

but not la sampai cam hobbit..hehe

7. jet - July 23, 2007

oh..kamu x sekecil-kecilan okeh..ada je orang yang lebih kecil dari kamu..malahan suka menyuruh kamu berdiri disebelah orang yang kelihatan kecil supaya boleh diukur beza ketinggian..er..adeka salah perbuatan saya itu?sy pon bukan tinggi melangit..kan?

8. Minci - July 23, 2007

maybe too. I’ll check the akismet spam thing for it

huahuahua.. hobbit pun kacak.. mcm Frodo baggins

hoho.. tk salah.. mlah menghiburkan 😛

9. coops - July 23, 2007

minci, i always have to ask ppl to get thgs from the top shelf, memula malu but then buat apa nak malu..and to cover that, i have to always sharpen my skills by being manja2 gitu bila nak mintak tolong, hehe.

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